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    The operation - part two Short story

    Re: The Operation - part two Short story Hello Bassim A young and attractive nurse welcomed me to the ward. She sat at the table opposite me and when she leaned forward over the sheet of paper in front of her I could see her cleavage. She gazed at me with big blue eyes and asked me if I had...
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    Home care worker - part three, Short story

    Next morning when I rang her doorbell, Katarina opened the door dressed in a dark blue cape and a white knitted woollen cap. In her right hand she held her walking stick and waved it towards the entrance. "I thought it would be nice to take a stroll this morning. Would you like to follow me?"...
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    V.I.P.-part five Short story

    Hello Basim Oh I see, sorry, I put the words in brackets only as a suggestion, but I understand now that you mean the chair to be placed in the middle, so leave it as it is, or say 'placed in the middle of the row'. take care
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    V.I.P.-part five Short story

    He/The Mayor called the caretaker and ordered him to put the rostrum on the square/place a rostrum in the square and suspended above it a banner with the text written in big red letters "Welcome To Our Town!" Five rows of white plastic chairs should be placed in front of it. They should/these to...
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    V.I.P.-part four Short story

    Re: V.I.P. - part four Short story Thus the Mayor of the town was like a tightrope walker, trying to stay neutral as much as possible and compromise to keep his office going. He was a forty-seven-year-old man who had never dreamt about politics/who never dreamed of going into politics. In the...
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    V.I.P.-part two Short story

    "The sound of the engines became stronger and suddenly, we saw four motorcycles coming toward us. Their front indicators blinked blue. The drivers were dressed in black skin/leather jackets and they wore white helmets. A cheer went up from the people/crowd and they waved flags and handkerchiefs...
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    V.I.P.-part one Short story

    Re: V.I.P. - part one Short story Thank you Anglika – you are quite right in your observation, I should have left it in the plural!
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    V.I.P.-part one Short story

    Nobody knew who had brought the news to the town. What was certain is the fact that early one morning an old woman sat on the wobbly benches in front of her house and chatted about someone very important who was due to visit the town. A few of them had been knitting thick woollen socks, although...
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    In time / On time ‘in time’ is a little bit sooner than ‘on time’ to be ‘in time’ is to have time to spare before the start of sthg. to be ‘on time’ is to arrive at the right time. see:
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    Art galleries Part one

    Re: Art Galleries - Part one Now and then, I used to visit art galleries and exhibition openings, although not so much to enjoy modern art but rather to watch the people and their reactions. After many years of intensive examination, investigations, and analysis that only could have been...
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    Dans le monde – in the world Milieu carcéral - Prison environment ( ?) Pénitentiaire - Penitentiary
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    Aisha and Murad- part one, Short story

    Bassim No I don’t think you make too many mistakes. . . it is quite a skill to relate a story and I think you do very well to make them so interesting and poignant; particularly as you are writing in an adopted language. Obviously you need to practice speaking more to get a feel of everyday...
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    Aisha and Murad- part one, Short story

    Good evening Bassim. . . Aisha had been searching for her dream prince for years. Thanks to her job as a stewardess/an airline stewardess, she travelled all over the world and had seen/visited many countries and towns which had left an indelible impression on her. If she ever felt bored and/or...
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    Multiple personalty in the Swedish way

    Re: Multiple personality the Swedish way I grew up with people who usually behaved in the same way no matter what the circumstances. People in my homeland would drink much and often, but still the majority of them did not lose their common sense. Those who behaved badly would risk being seen as...
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    International Café

    So now you’ve all gone off home and left the café to ‘darkness and to me’ . . . nice though, just wandering about here, picking up the odd overturned chair and waiting to see if Detective P is going to show up to take fingerprints . . . I’ll call back in sometime and have a nice quiet cup of...