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  • Hi Wen Sheng, yeah global economic crisis has hit hard many companies here in the Phils.SOme were layoff or retrenched lately but the gov't are doing their best to provide jobs for those who have lost their jobs.Thank God my company is stable:) Yes, i do study part time,fortunately our semestral break is ongoing now so not much stress now unlike before.I'm learning english day by day from my western friends online.learning english is fun to learn. How are you today?I hope everything well with you.Take Care my friend:)
    Hi Shi Wen! how do i call u?what's ur english name?well, im 26 going 27 this coming 3rd week of April;)It's nice to know you work for steeling industry.How's your job so far?Aside fr working i study part time as a TESOL student in a university here in the Phils.As a matter of fact i do have chinese classmates also.They are all nice.:)
    Hi,Shi Wen Sheng nice meeting you here. I work for an investment company as an office worker.We can exchange conversations with improve our communication in English here.:)How young are you?
    thanks my friend.Hope we can be good friends here.Btw, my real name is Diana Seva.How about you?Hope to hear from you again soon.Take Care!
    Hello:) can you tell me how to post a topic to discuss in this site?
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