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    There’s a lot of sun today.

    I don't think I've ever heard that one, but I think people would know what you mean.
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    Feelings for a cake

    If I can't use "crave" then I don't know what to say. That would be most natural for me, and I don't know what's in second place.
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    I wasn't born at the time?

    One, it's not vague. Two, yes you can.
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    if I can’t win any of the prizes, I would have wasted my time and effort

    Yes. That's perfectly good.
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    To improve the environment means improving/to improve our life.

    Something either makes sense or it doesn't.
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    I can’t make it at 8

    More natural, I think, would be: Would you like to have a picnic in the park? Or: How about having a picnic in the park? Those are both quite informal, but so is the situation.
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    Lest he tear it

    I don't think so. But it seems that Tdol has a different opinion.
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    Lest he tear it

    The "slowly and carefully" part strongly implies that the person wants to avoid tearing the letter. Also, I might use a different sentence to say it was old and fragile.
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    School/university/college/courses start

    1. We might say: "Class ends for the day at 8pm." 2. When you're talking about class in general (instruction) you don't need the article. However, if you are talking about a particular class, you might say, for example: "The economics class starts at 8am." (Not really. The professor doesn't...
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    Meaning of "what might be tide"

    I think it means they're prepared for whatever happens.
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    Covered in/with bruises

    I can't say which I would use.
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    when must use "of" to link two nouns

    Yes, I know that.
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    when must use "of" to link two nouns

    You get information from the sensors. They tell you what to do. You could say they transmit data from one place to another. However, a human being is needed to interpret the data. That's who does the important work.
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    In the moment/in the moments/in moment

    You can use "try" and "think" in the same sentence. For example: "I tried to think of his name, but I couldn't." I wouldn't advise somebody, however, to try to think. I especially wouldn't tell him to try to think in order to relieve stress. Instead, perhaps: "Think pleasant thoughts just like...
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    Covered in/with bruises

    I agree with the dictionary. Use "in" or "with" there. Added: "Could you" starts a question, so I would put a question mark at the end of that one.