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    Looking for partner(s) to do speaking parts of Objective (CAE or CPE) via Skype

    Why not try taking part in a skypecast? There are lots of different forums in which you can take part. Alternatively, I'll be starting to teach my CPE class in September/October and if you wish I could help you get into contact with some of my students (they're mainly university students). Just...
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    "Free/Creative Speaking"

    A couple of ideas. one is called Crazy Discussions in which you write down pairs of things on the board, e.g. apples and oranges, pizza and hamburgers etc. Then, in pairs students choose on of these and have to persuade their partner that their choice is best. Or here is another idea that works...
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    What do these mean?

    The first phrase means that the person was feeling lots of very strong emotions. BTW a cauldron is a very large cooking pot often used by witches (see Macbeth) the second means to start doing something seriously, not just playing at it, e.g. reading a book.
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    the persistent ‘temporality of public adminstration’

    I think that what he is trying to say is that organisations operate according to their own logic, which has little or nothing to do with their original purpose. i.e an organisation will follow it own rules irrespective of its religious, ideological or logistical setting. In other words an...
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    raising our learners' cultural awareness

    One idea is to use comic strips which would combine reading, speaking and perhaps translation.See here for lesson plan Or get students to look at blogs (see Technorati) which mention their country or region and see how other people's perception of the place differs/coincides with their own...
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    Masters in ESL in England- how to go about that?

    I did my Masters in TEFL with Aston university. It took me two years part-time, distance learning and wasn't bad. Also you don't have to be a native speaker. I think that now with the internet this is a much easier option than it used to be.
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    The forum is very useful for our English learning

    As well as forums the internet is full of great learning opportunities. Why not try; chat rooms e.g. Mirc Skypecasts creating your own blog teacherdude
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    Also "I and my brother went to a good school" is correct, but rather formal. Whereas "My brother and me went to a good school" is less formal, more everyday.:-D
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    Funny ESL video

    Try this site for interesting ESL videos.
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    As well as listening to others, it's vital you listen to yourself. What we say and what we think we say are often two, very different things. Try listening to a short passage in English and then recording yourself. You can do this on a lot of mobile phones or mp3 players. Try this site for...