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    The tournament is sponsored by local businesses.

    I would say the simple present is used in the sentence as a plain statement of fact.
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    A long velvet curtain concealed a small doorway.

    The sentence would not be complete if you use the present continuous tense, for lack of a predicate.
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    Unsteady vs Vulnerable

    What have you found about the two words from the dictionary? I would use "unstable" instead of "unsteady". We use "vulnerable" when something is prone to attacks.
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    Use works to make sentence

    You should have at least number the sentences. Look into 3 & 7 again.
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    it is just that

    They are correct, but 3 is not natural.
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    Oh dear, you have got too much/many.

    Oh dear, you have got too much/many. It is ambiguous. The thing referred to as too much/many could mean the bag, which is countable, or the luxury of having one, which is uncountable.
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    needed or need

    Both was and is can be used. Using was does not mean it is no longer true.
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    With the airm at/of

    The following sentence is taken from a newspaper: PUTRAJAYA, July 10 — The ‘Greater Klang Valley’ special task force was established with the aim at strengthening health system preparedness in the Klang Valley in managing the Covid-19 pandemic...
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    ladies' toilet or women's toilet

    Which is more common - ladies' toilet or women's toilet?
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    [General] They amuse me so I wanna share with you guys

    The same item is being shown as a wine bucket.
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    Apostrophe 's' after name ending with 's'

    This is a headline from a local newspaper: Which is correct - Thomas' book or Thomas's book?
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    Teluk Nipah Resort - A Case Study (Synopsis)

    The following is the synopsis of a case study of a local authority dealing with illegal stall operators along the beach (read squatters) and associated environmental problems in a village in Pangkor, a tropical island in Malaysia, written by a friend. The article is meant for the reader to come...
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    Come or coming

    Is the caption in the attached poster grammatical and natural? Rains or rain? Coming or come?
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    I love a sunrise

    The attached poster is done by a friend - as one of his morning greetings on our Whatsapp group every morning. His English is good but I am not sure if his message is grammatical this time. Should there be an indefinite article before "sunrise"? It doesn't sound natural to me. What about "for...
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    I am not sure how to understand it

    The sentence is taken from Good Taste's thread, which he has been using in other threads as well. I have sought comment from Piscean but he must have overlooked it. "How to understand something" doesn't sound right to me. Does it to you?