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  • Hey, Daffy! Hi! It's me, Ron! It's cool to see that there are so many people on the forum that I remember from before. BTW, check out "Perfect People" in Poetry & Prose. TTYL.

    how are you doing?
    greetings from Argentina
    (daffodils rules but jasmines and roses are great too)
    hi, thedaffodils please help me with this.... Improve the faulty diction in expressions commonly used in professional discourse:

    1. attached herewith

    2. attached please find

    3. hoping for your kind consideration, I remain
    Very truly yours

    4. I am writing to inform you that...

    5. This report is from two to three pages in range

    6. The company & its subsidiaries are the subjects of this report.

    7. Kindly refer to the abovementioned as reference for the succeeding.

    8. The list includes items, as follow:

    9. An agenda is attendance.
    10. For your information and guidance.
    I hope u could help me with my problem...
    Hi, thedaffodils!
    Thank you for your visitor message.
    And...I'm really sorry it took me ages to respond to your message.
    I've been quite busy these days. My students have been preparing for their entrance exams.
    How have you been? OK?
    I hope I can talk with you soon.
    Take care.
    Thank very much Dear Thedaffodils. I will keep in mind your advice.

    See you then,
    Hi BobK,

    I appreciate you allow me to copy your personal announcement in your profile, which indeed enlightens me --Being friendly but not a favorite to everyone. :up: It's good to take a proactive action rather than turning down sincere requests here regretfully afterwards. I never mean to dampen anyone.

    After weighing it again, I think your text is great but it isn't very suitable for me, especially some words. I'd like to just follow suit but not copy it simply.;-)

    And thank you for pointing out an error in my writing here. I have corrected it.

    Best regards,

    daffodil :-D
    Sorry I missed your message the daffodils. If you'd like to add my text, feel free ;-) But yours is fine - with one small error: it's either 'the pen pal game' or 'pen pal games' (depending on whether you think there's only one).

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