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    Grammar help (future)

    Hi, Is this correct: If you told your boyfriend you were sick, would he bring you chicken soup? If you called your boyfriend would he come take care of you?
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    On / in phone

    Hi, Which one is correct? "i have some pictures of you in/on my phone" "i saved the address in/on my phone"
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    In / on / at

    Hi, which one is grammatically correct? "The toecap at/in/on the front of the shoe is curved" Thanks
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    In the back / on the back

    Hi, Every seat on the plane has a fold down table in/on the back of the seat. I would go with 'on' because it is on the back of the seat but I have seen 'in' used a lot. Can someone explain me why on might be 'wrong' and 'in' right? Thanks
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    I hope you will have a good time vs I hope you have a good time

    Hi, What's the difference between: 'I hope you have a good time' and 'I hope you will have a good time" Thanks
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    In / on / at the corner of..

    Hi, Do you say: I have a sore in / on / at the corner of my mouth i have seen most people use 'in' and 'at' shouldn't it be on the corner because its on something? Thanks
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    IN / ON / AT the back

    Hi, I got confused since i have seen people use all three of them in the following context: "Can you close the zip AT the back of my dress" "Can you close the zip IN the back of my dress" "Can you close the zip ON the back of my dress" Which one is correct? and why? I am confused which one...
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    in or at the back of a buildings

    Hi, Alot of bands after a show come out from the back of the venue. Do you say: Lets wait at or in the back, so we can get an autograph. Thanks.
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    Sit in / on / at the back row at the movies

    Hi, Do you sit in the back row at the movies or At the back at the movies or On the back row at the movies Thanks
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    Splash in or on the face

    Hi, Does oil/water splash in or on someone's face? Thanks
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    In or on a field

    Hi, Do you say: The festival is in a field or or a field. thanks
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    Christmas sale vs Christmas sales

    Hi, Is there any difference between Christmas sale and Christmas sales? for example: The Christmas sale or sales are starting soon.
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    Load into or onto

    Hi, Do you load a bike into the truck bed or onto the truck bed? I have seen both, is there any difference? Also with planes do you load the baggage into the plane or onto? Thanks
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    How many / much exceptions

    Hi, Are there any exceptions when it comes to many and much? For example: the strength of the bomb depends on how MUCH explosives it contains. Many does not make sense here? Also with how much calories does chicken contain? Thanks
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    "I like.."

    Hi, Can you say: I like you with longer hair more" "I like longer hair on you" Thanks