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  • Hi Tomasz I am farshad ,from Iran I,m very happy can talk with many friend from all countries, I glad you be one of them.
    Hi, I'm Linh, from Vietnam. Do U know my country? Nice to make friend wwith U
    Plz reply to me as soon as possible
    Heeeeeyyyyyyyy, guysss! Let's make friend^^
    The pleasure is all mine!...:)

    So, quick info about myself, or rather my background: I am a Poland-born, Warsaw-based practising English translator / interpreter specialising in science/technology translation. I don't have a degree in English (graduated from the Technical University of Warsaw), but I was also lucky enough to pass the exam for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, which now helps me greatly whenever I need to submit my CV ;-)

    Thanks for choosing me as a buddy, much appreciated! :-D

    Cheers, Tomasz
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