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    [General] Why is the letter "W" pronounced "double-u"?

    Shouldn't it be "double-v"? Also why do I never hear people in my area pronounce it "double-u" but just "doub-u" (like "double" without the second syllable, sounds like "dub-u") instead? I'm in California, US.
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    [Vocabulary] "don't you" meaning at the begining of a sentence

    For example, the song "Don't you worry child", does it mean "You don't (need to) worry, child" or is it just a question? I ask this because in the after "Don't you worry child" the songs continues with "see heaven's got a plan for you", so i think if it's just a normal question it wouldn't make...
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    [Vocabulary] What does "Should" mean when it starts a sentence?

    for example: Should you need to know more about the rain or snow than a Google Now card can deliver, the Weather Channel revamp is ready at the source. source: an engadget article about the updated the weather channel app for android