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  • hi thank you for you help
    I'm computer scientist from algeria
    i like english ,i'm studing english alone
    I don't! Those two won't tell me because they don't know either. They want to find out when the child is born. I'm not sure I understand that, but it's their decision. :) I'm here less often than I used to be but I will certainly pop in there from time to time!
    I've been very well, thank you. There are changes coming up in my life as my daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild. I'm glad you enjoyed your course!
    Hi! Nice to see you again. How are you doing? You were doing some teaching course when we last talked if I remember correctly. How did that go?
    Hi Tulia! I'm pleased to be your friend! Thank you for the request! I'm on vacation for two more weeks, see you soon in the forums!
    I hereby award you the Answering Questions Star.
    Sorry - don't read VMs very often. I can't say I know Gigi that well - and ashamed to say I passed have by Colette entirely. But I am a fan of American 'Golden Age' musical theatre (Show Boat to West Side Story).

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