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    phrasal verbs

    Please double check - problem defense realized
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    phrasal verbs

    The fault lies with the .... It is the council's fault as it has not taken better ...
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    can have direct impact on patients' ....
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    It depends on the context. What are you trying to say?
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    Talking to A Child

    bleib = stay, on the other hand stay down is used in rougher terms to tell someone to to move i.e. police versus criminal leg Dich dich - lay down Schick mir den Zusammenhang.
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    cosenant cluster

    Take it one step at a time. What makes you say we? You are an indiviudal?Get to know your so called enemy the consonant. Do not fight it, embrace it. See where it takes a word, a pronounciation, an interpretation. Quit thinking in your native language. Block itout. You cannot change English...
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    Help1 I'm curious!

    I get mistaken for an Aussie. Originally Bavaria ;-)
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    Two people divided by one language ;-)
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    Hello a question about two things

    1. I am broke. 2. Don't ya (you) - your quote misses the verb.
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    You are correct. A "bat" is an ill tempered female.
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    Help1 I'm curious!

    You might can do better! ;-)
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    How to listen to news?

    How can you write down what you heard on the news? Take notes of main points just you would in class, record it and listen over and over, look up the session on the radio station's web site.
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    I still opt for cold pizza or dinner left overs. ;-) The American standard of cold or hot cereals does not appeal to me. My hamster eats things that are very similar looking.
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    Culture of silence

    extrovert - introvert It should not affect language skills. According to the famous/infamous (depending on your point of view) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator extroverts tend to focus their attention on the outer world of people and things while introverts focus their attention on the inner world of...
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    lots of

    Please change #1 to "a lot of rain"