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    Dare to try this?

    Dear Teachers Question: ...........................? Answer: Obama is the 44th President of the USA. In order to get the above answer, how should one make the question?. I don't think it appropriate to ask "Which president was Obama? It would be a great help if you could give me some...
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    Way to learning or Way to learn?

    Dear Teachers, One of famous English teachers in our country has put the following phrase in his recent paper advertisement. "The Best Way to Learning English". But I was wandering if it is grammartically correct, I mean, is it ...Way to Learning or ....Way to Learn. It would be a great...
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    My Daughter

    Dear Teachers:?: I am a father of a 5 month old, a daughter. I want both Sinhala (my Mother Tounge) and English to be her mother tounges. Therefore, would anyone care to recommend me what to do, what materials to be used, ie DVDs and other TV Programms, Books and special techniques, in order...
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    WhQuestions and using Models

    Dear Teachers We can ask the following two questions to get a person's name. 1) What's your name? 2) Could you tell me your name? Could someone please let me know the differences between using WH questions and using modal verbs in questions like above. Kind Regards Udara
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    which is correct?

    Dear Teachers:-( Kindly let me know which following sentence is correct. -Sara is to study companies' histories. -Sara is to study companies' history. Kind Regards Udara
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    Please help

    Dear Teachers Kindly let me know if all following sentenses are grammatically accurate. If not, I would like to know why. 1) Ask from the Exam Departmet. 2) Ask the Exam Departmet. 3) Ask Mr. Jones. 4) Ask from Mr. Jones. Thanking you Udara
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    Dear Teachers:-) I recently bought a collection of DVD called "Shameless complete collection". I'm sure some of you will have wathced this series. However I wasn't exactly pleased as the use of language wasn't what I'd expected, and I would be grateful if anyone can let me know the kind and...
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    which tag is correct?

    Dear Teachers We know that "will" can be used to make PRESENT predictions when we are pretty certain about something. For instance; A: I'll give Bob a call now. B: No don't bother, he'll be having lunch now: try in a little while. In the above sentence if we are to put a tag question what...
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    a people

    Dear Teachers In a speech of president Obama's he used " we as a people". This "a people" thing is kind of confusing to me. Would somebody be kind enough to give me an explanaion please? kind regards udara
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    passive or adjective

    Dear Teachers "He was flabbergasted when we told him how cheap it was. " May I know if this sentence is passive or if "flabbergasted" is used as an adjective Also, please let me know in structures as this how exacty can we determine which is which kind regards udara
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    usage please

    Dear Teachers May I know the usage of the following expression "guilty as charged" Kind regards udara
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    Tense Problem

    Dear Teachers There are 12 tenses in English language, ie Present simple etc. May I know to which tense the followoing sentences belong? 1) Anne is a teacher. 2) Peter is angry. 3) It is a very good idea. Kind Regards udara
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    [Grammar] modal verbs

    Dear Teachers May I know what exactly model verbs are? What is the best approach to teaching Modal verbs. Kind Regards Udara
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    If + will

    Dear Teachers, May I know the difference between the following two sentences? -If it will ease your mind, I'll have a word with Tom. -If it eases your mind, I'll have a word with Tom. Kind Regards Udara
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    Ariticles with uncountable nouns

    Dear Teachers 1) We've been having lovely weather 2) We've been having a lovely weather 3) They have a deep distrust of the authorities 4) They have deep distrust of the authorities In the above four sentenses 1 & 3 are correct. (Articles with uncountable nouns - Online Language Quiz -...