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  • I'm fine! Thank you! It's sunny outside, birds are singing, it will be a great Saturday! Enjoy your day!
    I'm not really. I received very bad news. I'm very helpless towards it and I can't even imagine it to be a reality that Imust live with and accept it. I need your prayers...........
    Hi! I had a wonderful time in Vienna, except for the weather that was awful: rain, cold, and wind. Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich history. I hope you could visit it one day. Good day, and see you in the forums!
    I wish a very happy & relaxing SUNDAY to my sister!!!! I am fine dear Thank God..I hope everything is also fine there...
    Yea ...sure...actually I am busy with work now ...I shall write in detail later. Tomorrow I need to attend a betrothel function....after that I hope I can spend sometime for browsing ..
    Have a nice weekend...!!!!
    Is the current Temp 16 C - is usual Temp in this season ? or is there an affect of global warming....here in my place some incidents of Sun-burn has been reported this summer. We have never heard of any such things in our place.

    Then what about the events in Azerbaijan......how do you usually spend the time on weekends..?
    Thanks dear. I miss you too
    That's so kind of you.
    I'm Ok now.
    I hope that you are doing great.
    Take great care
    good night
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