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    Tense forms

    Hi. If it .... tomorrow we ... on a picnic. I chose rains , shall not go But my teacher-book said rains , don't go Which is correct? Thanks all teachers on UE.
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    There is/are

    Hi. .... no deer in this forest. a) There won't be b)There isn't c)There are d)There will e)There aren't Which is correct? ( I chose There are ) Thanks.
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    Hi. Which pronouns we must use in below sentence? Did .... call me? -No, ...
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    Each & Both

    Hi. Each of these children was different from the other. I thought we must used in above sentence Both. My english book said we can use each with singular nouns.But there children in plural. Please explain me.Thanks.
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    Hi. There was a fire at school in New Town. Is it correct? ( I thought that fire is uncountable noun and we can't use a article in above sentence.)
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    something to somebody

    I want to ask that Can we use all verbs in below structures or only these verbs show, give, send, lend, pass? somebody something something to somebody For example, I want to buy you a present. Is it correct?
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    A lot of

    Hi. I know we use a lot of in all types of sentences . For example, We bought a lot of books. But I can't understand when we use a lots of ? Please, use in sentence. Thanks.
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    Hi. We can use a/an after "no" ?
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    When....? a) your friend awoken b) was your friend awoken c)has your friend been awoken d)did your friend awoke e) have your friend been awake My teacher book has chosen as correct answer (d But here awake used in the past. Which is correct?
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    Is or are

    I want to say thanks all of teachers here.Their replies helps me. Sorry, if I made some mistakes ..My English not well. Their progress in learning languages ..... quite good. I chose "are & were", but teacher- book said "is & was" Which is correct?
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    have a cofee

    Hi. Can we use " have a coffee" ?
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    Hi, Help me please. .... she has a well-paid job, she wants to change it. a) in spite of b) though c))despite of d) as e)because I chose though,, but they said as. Which is correct?
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    Modal verbs

    Hi. Please choose the correct modal verbs. If you want to keep your job,you ... be late for work. a) must b) should to c) ought d) mustn't e)don't have I chose mustn't . Is it correct? And can we use "to "after should?
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    Passive Voice

    Please help me. Choose the correct sentence in the Passive Voice. My money and my skills will govern my choice. I choose this sentense. My choice will be governed by my money and my skills. I want to ask is it true?
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    Is this correct ?

    Hi teachers, is this method of writing correct ? How r u doin`? What does mean this word ? ( in the complete ) i`s t`s Thanks .