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    It has a chick

    Hi, Is 'It has a chick inside it' correct? I am talking about the egg.
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    The width of the cage

    Hi, Is 'The width of the cage is according to the size of the door so that I can get through the cage easily' correct?
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    More or less

    Hi, Is "He is more or less two years old" correct?
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    Because of increased enrollment

    Hi, Because of increased enrollment in higher education, many adults leave home early, arund the age of eighteen. Is 'because of increased enrollment in higher esucation' a phrase? A clause has a subject but it doesn't have. So I think it's a phrase.
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    Determine the difficulty

    Hi, I detest you. Determine the difficulty of 'detest'. 1: easy 2: average 3: difficult Read the above and point out mistakes, please.
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    In the next video

    Hi, Is the following correct? "In the next video, I'll show you birds put in this cage."
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    After 10 days of

    Hi, Is "after 10 days of continuous mating, she laid her first egg" correct?
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    Don't give millet

    Hi Is 'Don't give millet to your birds in summer because it's very hot' correct?
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    The roof of the chicken

    Hi, Is "The roof of the chicken coop is made by using angle irons, wooden crates and clay" correct?
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    Made videos

    Hi, Is 'I made random bird and animal videos while on a long walk' correct?
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    Make/build coop

    Hi, Which verb is used? You should make/build a coop for your new hens.
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    Peck at

    Hi, Can I use any other word after 'peck at' such as rice, egg etc. or is it specific for seeds ans grains?
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    Peck at

    Hi, Is 'Birds are pecking at rice' correct?
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    My knowledge of aseel

    Hi, Is 'My knowledge of aseel breed of chicken/hen/rooster/cock is extensive' correct and which word like chicken/hen/rooster/cock should I use?
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    Apply different

    Hi, Are the folowing sentences correct? Apply different spicy items to the chicken. Place a discared newspaper page on salt. Place chicken on the newspaper. Cover the pot. Put some weight on the cover. Cook it for one and ten minutes.