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    A check up.

    The zygote divides and differentiates to produce different types of cells. This is how separate tissues, organs, and even specific cells form. In the case of hybrid dysgenesis, the P-elements start ‘jumping’ around in the genome but it doesn’t always cut and paste perfectly leading to mutations...
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    [General] I have a question for teachers

    So as a teacher or a professor would you read a letter from a student completely? Or you just take a glance or just you will only read the subject of the Email? I want to know that is it effective that I'm trying to explain everything in my letters? I'd be very happy if you answer this question.
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    Can Someone help me with this thank you <3

    Dear Dr. xxxx Thank you for your guidance, I am at the beginning of the path way towards achieving my goal of becoming an excellent scientist and your letter gave so much confidence. I really appreciate this and I look forward to Email Dr. Mantegazza and also look through programs in Thomas...
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    A reply for a professor

    Dear Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain myself about the program. As a determined foreign student, I looked through Yale University website and found my favorite program, Immunobiology. But unfortunately, I didn’t find any specific information if there is Master degree or...
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    [Essay] An Email for a professor

    Hey guys, That would be so generous of you guys if you help me to send an effective email to professors, my goal universities are Yale and UCLA Also, I need an interesting subject for email " Dr. XXXX, I am in my third year of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science at the XXX University of...
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    statement of purpose

    Hi I amI am a 21-year-old undergraduate from the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents, Farzanegan high school (SAMPAD). I am currently in my third year of BMLS (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science) at the Alborz University of Medical Science in Iran, I strive to gain...