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  • I lost my previous work my friend that's why I couldn't the site as often as I could before. Now, I have a new job. I'm still teaching Koreans. But now it's offline. I hope we could have some time or maybe I could have some time to spare... miss you! and all the people here in Usingenglish.com
    Hey Louen
    Well I'm free
    I'm home and we can talk whenever you want except when the matches of the EU Cup start :)
    I love football. You know your friend Veron ;-)
    Hope we'll talk soon

    See ya!
    Hi Ines! How's it going? When are you free? We could talk some time. Just tell me the times you'd be free to talk. Surely, we could find a day to fit that all in. See ya!
    Hi sarra
    Thank you dear
    I succeeded in my studies
    It is over now. I'm done!
    Why not we can enjoy learning English together this summer

    See you around
    Thank you my dear and pretty and lovely friend mwah
    Many kisses to you dear
    Thanks for this lovely card :)
    Hi there. I know I'm so late. But I should say: Happy birthday to the most pretty girl in this forum.. Inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.. Happy birthday lovely. I hope if u r here I'll kiss u and hug u very very srtrong.
    Hello Inaas
    How are you? Glad to be your friend.
    Good luck in your studies and I hope this summer we will study English together if you will have some free time.
    All the best dear.
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