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    have a problem/issue with

    Hello, Is there any difference between the following two expressions? I have a problem with somebody/something. I have an issue with somebody/something. Of course, I want to make sure that these two are correct. Thank you very much.
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    I am good

    Hello, What does I am good mean usually? I heard someone saying that when he/she was asked if he/she need any help in supermarkets. Does it mean I can do it myself, I do not need help right now? Thanks. Can I use the expression in the following scenario? Is this expression natural to native...
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    when or what

    When/what are your business hours? which one is correct for the above sentence? Thanks.
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    click or click on

    Hi, Is on necessary after click in the following sentence? Please click (on) the icon to proceed. Thanks.
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    three four-month-term's fees

    Hello everyone, which one is correct? three four-month-term's fees three four-month-terms' fees Thanks.
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    forget it or forget about it?

    Hey, friends, Are there any differences between forget it and forget about it? Thank you very much!
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    iced something or something on the rocks?

    Hi friends, Are there any differences between iced Coke and Coke on the rocks? Of course, I am not quite sure whether these two expressions are ok to native speakers? By the way, is coke countable? Let's say, is it ok for us at a KFC to say, "I will have a coke.". Thanks a lot.
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    [Grammar] Is this sentence reasonable?

    The total cost of my four-year PhD study will be approximately $61,558 including $4819.5 of tuition fees, $570.01 of student fee, $10000 of room and board per academic year. Hey, what do you think of the above sentence? Does it have any grammatical problems? If yes, could you please point them...
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    [Grammar] You too or me too

    (I am) pleased to meet you. We should respond to the greeting by saying, you too or me too? My understanding is the former is correct? But someone says the latter might be ok. Thank you.
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    [General] refresh a coffee

    Hey, does either of them mean the same thing? 1. Could you please refresh/refill the coffee for my friend? (Suppose we are at KFC and we want to have more coffee). By the way, can we express the same idea using both of them as nouns? If yes, is the following correct? 2. May I have a...
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    [Vocabulary] What is the word for storing our personal stuff for a short while in supermarkets?

    Hey, What is the word for storing our personal stuff for a short while in supermarkets, restaurants? Also, what do we usually say to the staff, if we want to put things there? Thanks.
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    [Vocabulary] Utility

    There is a house for rent, which $includes utilities, free high speed Internet access, etc. What does utility mean? Does it mean water, electricity, etc.? Thank you very much. By the way, what is the difference between for rent and on rent?
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    [General] 1 or 2 dots for etc

    Hey, if etc. is used at the end of a sentence, do we two dots for it. For example, I like apples, bananas, and etc.. By the way, do we need and before etc.? Thanks. Although maybe it's no big deal, it is better to make it 100 percent right in academic materials.
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    [Vocabulary] Meal = combo?

    What is the difference between a meal and a combo at KFC or other fast food restaurants? I mean, do they mean the same thing, if we say, "I will have a Meal No.1" or "I will have a combo No.1" .
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    [General] What is a double bedroom?

    What is a double bedroom in Canada? Is it a room with two single beds or a double bed? I googled but found different answers. I guess maybe the meanings vary from country to country. By the way, what is a single room? Thank you very much!