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    "WordSurfing" Online Vocabulary Notebook

    Hallo Everyone at Using English ! Just a quick note to introduce the new "WordSurfing" Online Vocabulary Notebook which is available now at Hope this helps & please send any feedback/questions to me ! Cheers Will
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    New "Vocabulary Forum" at Word Surfing

    Hallo Red, Ron, TDOL and everyone at Using English, I hope that the new "Word Sufing" Vocabulary Forum will be of interest to you and your colleagues/students. This project is "for learners by learners" - and has only just started (26.07.04) at
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    Vocabulary Cards from "Word Surfing"

    Hi again to everyone at "Using English", This is just to let you know that I´ve recently designed some "Word Surfing" Vocabulary Cards - and that the idea is now available at "English Specialist" (thanks to George) The concept gives learners...
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    Audio Pictionary

    Hi, I've just come across a great free Audio Pictionary at ... ... and - in case you haven't heard about the site yet ( a collaborative project looking for volunteers) - it's definitely worth a visit. It's a simple but brilliant place to see and hear...
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    Word Surfing Vocabulary Development Strategy

    Hi, Two short pieces of news to share with you about the "Word Surfing" vocabulary development strategy....and a short request. 1. There is now a WS article in HLT magazine at It's really nice to be there - but also disappointing that the sample WS...
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    Free online Dictations

    Hi Here's a great free place to practice English listening and writing skills ( just in case you don't already know it) ..........and, if like me, you want to learn Italian......there's some dictations (and other good...
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    Hi, I've been searching for sites that offer graded dictations to add the "Word Surfing" site. Students of all languages would benefit greatly, I'm sure, from the availability of a service that allowed them to .... 1. listen to individual sentences being clearly read. 2. replay each...
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    Vocabulary Development Strategies Discussion Group

    Hi Another posting about vocabulary ... with this one just to let you know that I've now started an open group at The forum asks: * Are long-term vocabulary development strategies ineffective? * or are students simply unaware of suitable...
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    Vocabulary Building

    Hi, I’m now trying to start some sort of petition to show publishers why organized vocabulary books should be made available to all language learners – in order to help them independently improve their skills outside the classroom. Anyone wishing to receive free photocopiable pages of such a...
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    Hi, "I've become very interested in blogs and blogging recently. I was wondering if anyone has used blogs with their students either as a reading activity or as somewhere for them to produce writing. Any ideas for how best to exploit this exciting medium?" asks Nik Peachey from the British...
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    Hi , I'm new here In the week or so I've been discussing the problem of "fossilization" in a couple of other forums - as I'm particulary interested in the relationship between i) fossilized errors. ii) the timing and amount of direct grammar instruction.....and iii) the importance of the...