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    [Idiom] In a medium

    Hello There, Can you tell me if these sentences make sense please? (In a clothes shop) -It's too small. Have you got it in a medium? -It's too small. Do you have it in a medium? Thank you Will
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    [Idiom] Double the price

    Hello, Can you tell me if these two sentences are correct please: -It can be double the price from one quotation to another. -The price can double from one quotation to another. Thank you, Will
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    [Vocabulary] to implement a product

    Hello, We say: "to launch a new product in Europe". Can we also say "to implement a new product in Europe" and "to bring out a new product in Europe"? Thank you Will
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    [Grammar] before i can do or doing

    Good evening, I'm suddenly completely confused ! Can you tell me which structure is correct here please: "We'll probably have Spanish class on Thursdays but I still need to receive some of your colleagues' replies before confirming this/before I can confirm this. " Thanks a lot for your...
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    [Grammar] Has a decision been reached/ Was a decision reached

    Hello there! I have a question :-). If someone is talking about their last meeting, can I ask "has a decision been reached"? . I meand is the use of the present perfect OK here? Or does it have to be the past simple " was a decision reached"? Thank you very much for your help. Will
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    [Vocabulary] a work coat

    Hello there! Can you help me please? What do you call this garment THanks a lot for your help.:-) Will
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    [General] Western part of our region

    Hello, I'm completely stuck! :-) I don't know how to build the following sentences, can you help me please? "I'm in charge of the audit related to the western part of our region". Basically, that man deals with the audit files related to western part of our region. Second sentence, does...
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    [General] Take or take on?

    Hello, Would you say: "I take technical missions" or "I take on technical missions"? Thank you very much for your help. Will
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    [Grammar] with a work coat on

    Hello, Can you tell me if the use of "on" is correct here please? "Working with a work coat on is safer". Thanks a lot for your help, Will
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    [General] That just about wraps it up for today

    Good morning, Can the idiom "That just about wraps it up for today" be replaced with: -That's just about it for today -That wraps it up for today THank you very much for your help. Will
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    [Idiom] GO ahead, go on

    Good morning, Yesterday, I entered a room where some people were talking. I needed to speak to one of them who, when she saw me turned around and stopped listening to the one who was explaining something. The latter, said "oups, sorry" and I said: "-No go ahead. You can go on, no problem. "...
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    [General] Change friends or change my friends

    Good morning, Can you tell me if both options are correct here please: If I won the lottery: -I wouldn't change friends. -I wouldn't change my friends. If so, is there a difference in meaning? Thank you very much for your help, WIll
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    [General] Before + present or past

    Hello, Can you tell me wich form of "give" is better here, please? In addition, can you tell me if the whole sentence is correct, please. "Last week, we still had class even though you couldn't come because we needed to work on the part "how to handle questions" before John gives his...
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    [Grammar] Adverb placement

    Hello! Can you tell me where "very well" is supposed to be in the following case please: "You know very well how to do something" "You know how to do something very well" Thank you very much for your help! Will
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    [Vocabulary] To confirm a year/to take a training period

    Hello, My nephew needs to write a letter of application for a workplacement. I'm not sure the following part is clear and correct, can you help me please? "I am extremely interested in your offer as I am in my first year of study. To confirm (?) my year, I must take (?) a 4-6 month...