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    "Thank you" letter

    I meant "personal", of course :)
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    help for a cover letter, please

    I think it's written really great, only the sentence "I am a highly motivated person who works hard to accomplish his goal: "his" looks more logical than "my". Good luck ))) Dear Sir/Madam I wish to apply for the position of ‘Java Analyst Programmer / Developer’ as advertised on the web...
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    covering letter note

    I decided to be creative and changed the sentence order a bit :-) Just didn't know where to put the "prize winner", didn't have enough details for that. I am an professional graphics designer with ten years of experience in this industry. My creative ideas and vision supported by knowledge...
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    "Thank you" letter

    "Dear colleagues" or "dear friends", if you want it to sound more warm and impersonal.
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    need help in replacing a sentence

    Hi, Allow me to make some changes: Respected Sir/Madam, I have been in India since a year 2008 (write the year number)* and I would like to know what is the procedure which I can of confirming my ATM pin. as I’m not sure of it. I’ll be coming back again to U.S.A for a short duration. So...
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    Help for my motivation letter for the university

    Hi, The letter is well written, I made just a few changes added, removed and rephrased what I considered necessary. Viel Glück! :) Dear Sir or Madame, I would like to take this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to the studies...
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    Need Help please

    You're very welcome :-) just remember that I'm not a teacher (I'm supposed to emphasize it here :)
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    Need help please...letter of absence from lesson

    You're most welcome :-)
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    Please correct my CV, Thanks a lot.

    Hi, I made the corrections I thought were necessary and rephrased some sentences. I'm not a teacher, but have a rich experience in writing these kind of things :) Good luck with the job! Cover Letter Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you regarding the position of a part time tutor of...
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    Writing an appropriate cover letter

    Hi, It's hard to write a letter from scratch for a person you don't know. Here's a link to sample cover letters, which helped me too when I needed it (Cover Letter Format). Your English is good, I think the best thing is to write the letter yourself and post it here for critique and revision...
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    writting persuasive request letter Urgent

    If you could write this long preamble, you could definitely write the letter itself, post it here and see people's comments/corrections.
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    Need help please...letter of absence from lesson

    Hi, Now that I think of it again, I think "for" is quite possible as well, better leave it as is. I also recalled a Christmas song named "I'll be home for Christmas" :) (though songs authors don't always follow grammar rules, this one seems to be correct ) Here are some general examples with...
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    Need Help please

    Hi, this is my opinion of how it should look like Respected Sir, Sub: With due respect, I humbly ("humbly" is not necessary) would like to bring up a request considering my candidate for the Post of GIS system Analyst– Reg. I have been working with State Hydrology...
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    formal letter

    Write the letter in your words and I'll correct it
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    Need help please...letter of absence from lesson

    I think it's quite well written, I made some small corrections, but generally it seems ok. August 25, 2009 Dear Mrs. xxxx, How are you? I want to give you a heads-up that my son ____ won’t be able to take piano lessons on the last week of November and during the...