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    Pride of, Pride in

    Hi All, Could you clarify me the usage of "Pride" or basically correct my sentences? Here are some sentences i have written, I got puzzled:-D By the way, i really clueless if "the"' should be before the subject (father)! The father pride of his son. The father pride in his son. The father...
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    Persuande, convince, convert to

    Hi all, Persuande, convince, convert to These words above have similar meaning and i always confuse when i need to use them. So I will appreciate if someone give example sentences for me.
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    "the reason people"

    Hi my friends, What does the mean of "the reason people"? I did search on the net but I do still not know its actual sense, whether its is idiom or regular saying. Thanks
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    Confused sentence; Have there been so many...

    Hi my friends, While i was reading a book, i came across with the sentence bellow and could not realize which grammar rule has been used. "And never before have there been so many black media choices." Thanks
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    a Confusing sentence

    Hi my friends, Although I partly understood the idea of sentence in bellow, it seems me grammatically incorrect and confusing, especially in bold part. An employee may be the only contact a particular costumer has with the firm. Could some one make me clear and explain which grammar rules...
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    What does "Where you guys headed?" mean? or which situations we can use "headed" in correct for? Can someone give the example as well? Thanks
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    [General] "about to"

    Hi, How does "about to" usage? I have heard a few times that someone said "i am about to turn the lights off" or "I am about to closing the register" etc. Is there any rule for it?
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    [Essay] I need correction on my short writing

    Packaging In the marketing processes, packaging plays essential role for several reasons. First of all, it is the direct communication between costumers and producers wherever the product takes places. Marketing managers and campaign makers may promote advertising and catchphrase to...
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    Traffic on 95,

    Traffic on 95, Imagine that, you have just stepped in the classroom, and class is already begun. And suddenly teacher stares at you and ask why you were late? Which one could be the best answer your excuse about traffic on roads? There was heavy traffic in/on/at 95 There (a)...
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    [General] 'the usage of Should'

    Hi friends and teachers, The sentence below seems no good to me. I got it from a memo. "I should be glad if you could review attached document" There is no obligation but she used 'should'. So, the using of 'should' confuses me. Therefore, additional sentence below, from a poem, seems Ok to...
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    [Idiom] meaning of 'As a way'

    Hi friends and teachers, i am wondering what does the "as a way" mean? For example, Walking as a way of life. Notetaking as a way to stay smart. I can guess what the mean but i need to get clear definition to avoid by misunderstanding.