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    [Vocabulary] use or spend

    Which of these sentences is correct? 1. We cannot use money to buy intelligence. 2. We cannot spend money to buy intelligence.
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    [Grammar] content word or structure word

    If determiner is a legitimate part of speech, then which category does it belong to, content word or structure word?
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    [Grammar] "so that" clause

    Can I place a "so that" clause before a main clause? For example, can I rewrite "I study hard so thatI can pass the exam ." as "So that I can ass the exam, I study hard."?
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    [Grammar] position of past participle adjective

    Please explain why some past participles are always placed before the nouns they modified, for example: "broken heart", "fallen hero", and others are always placed after the nouns they modified, for example: "time taken", "work done".
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    [Grammar] use of definite aticle

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? "There are the things human beings cannot understand yet."
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    [Grammar] What is what happens most?

    Is this question grammatically correct? "What is what matters most?"
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    [Grammar] prepositions to and for

    Can we write "The greatest gift we can give our parents" or is it "The greatest gift we can give to our parents"?
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    [Grammar] reported speech — the old blind man

    Is this the correct answer for "The girl said to the old blind man, "Let me help you cross the road." --> "The girl requested the old blind man to let her help him cross the road.".
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    [Idiom] Responding

    When asked "How are you?", I think the usual answer is "I am fine". Can I answer "I am good"? Is that accepted in English?
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    [Grammar] He did the exercises after the teacher explaining to him.

    Isthe following sentence grammatically correct? He did the exercises after the teacher explaining to him.
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    [Grammar] position of nouns in prepositional phrases

    Can the two sentences "she went out. " and "I did not know it." be rewritten as "She went out without me knowing (it)." ?
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    [Vocabulary] presence of mind

    I know there exists the word "absent-minded" in English. Is there a counter part "present-minded" in English?
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    [Grammar] use of shall

    Is "shall" still used for future with "I" and "we"?
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    [Grammar] reference question

    What does "there" mean in the following sentence? Why are you still there astride that branch?
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    [Grammar] preposition use

    What are the correct choices for the following blanks. (over, above, on) He put his hands.... his face. We stayed at a hotel.... lake. I'll put this picture ....the wall.