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    are you interested

    I am interested in finding new pen pals.If you want we can exchange our adress by PM.
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    Native Russians

    daznorthants,I can help you with Russian. How do we get in touch?
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    International Café

    What do you think about Eurovision song contest? Which music did you like?
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    International Café

    Thank you,Amigos for Introduction.Actually I like forums and I think that this forum is very useful for me,that"s why I will try to be frequent member.
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    International Café

    I suggest you to vist:-) I want to speak about our history. Now,our country has a conflict with Armenia.During 1988-1993 years,the Government of Armenia captured 20% of our lands.At that moment more than 1 million people are refugees. If you want I can show you some pictures of the Armenian...
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    International Café

    Hi,everyone I am a new user Here.I am from Azerbaijan and as the name of this topic is International cafe,I want to learn your opinion about this country. What do you think?