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    Feedback on CELTA task Part 2

    part 2 You are teaching a group of learners at pre-intermediate level when the words much and many + noun come up. How could you clarify the difference between the two? Think about how you can make the meaning clear, trying to avoid over-complicated language. - I will ask one of my...
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    Asking for a feedback .CELTA task

    Here is my CELTA task . I was refused ,but I want to know my points of weaknesses could you help pointing out my mistakes and tell me how to develop
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    asking for a feedback

    I have been teaching English for 6 years and I have applied for celta .Though I have worked hard for the pre-interview task and I got it reviewed by an expert , I was not accepted.they couldn't give me feedback, so I am asking if any one could help by reading my task and pointing my...