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    me vs. mine

    Teacher, Are these two sentences both correct? This is a photo of me as a baby. This is a photo of mine as a baby. Many thanks
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    Past perfect

    Teacher, I had read a grammar book about past perfect tense and it says there that you use past perfect for something which started ealier and was still going on at the time you are talking about. Please check if my example of past fercect tense is right. "Jane had lived in Japan ever since...
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    check my grammar

    Dear Teachers, Please check the grammar of the following sentences: 1. There was a man and a woman, who was husband and wife, who’s named was Romeo and Juliet. Or can I also say, ...their names were Romeo and Juliet? 2. Have you ever lied to someone? Or have you ever...
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    Their hearts are...

    All Teachers, Please give your comment to this sentence: "Their hearts are places to worship God." How do you understand this sentence? Is the grammar correct? Could it be "Their hearts is a place to...."? Thank you
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    right to say

    Teacher, Is it right to say: "She coudn't believe her eyes" ? What I mean in this sentence is that the girl was surpised and she couldn't believe what she saw. thanks
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    correct my grammar

    gammar Teacher, I'm poor in english grammar. I'm learning basic grammar still and I need your help. Please, check the grammar of the following sentences: 1. Do you think she can live with me or not? 2.The garbage can is much much much smellier than exrement. (Can I use "much" in this sentence...
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    by vs through

    Teacher, what's the difference between "by" and "through"? Thank you
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    Teacher, Kindly check the grammar of the following sentences: 1. At the end of this year, all fourth year students are expected to graduate. 2. How does God the King who is in heaven be in our heart which looks too small? 3. Has he ever keep his word? 4. Has she ever punished her child's...
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    eternality vs eternity

    Teacher, When to use the word "eternality" and the word "eternity"? Is this sentence right? The wise men were with him for eternality? or ... for eternity?
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    grammar checking

    Teacher, Kindly check the grammar of this short pharagraph. Thank you. The Kiddie Clubis still inviting all the Children, ages 7 to 12 years old, to attend Saturday class every Saturday, 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. in their respective areas. We appreciate and give thanks to the parents...
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    Show vs Give

    Teacher, Can I use either "show" or "give" in the following sentences? a. She will show her report through powerpoint presentation this afternoon. b. She will give her report through powerpoint presentation this afternoon. Thank you.
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    verb agreement

    Teacher, How do I know if a subject is first, second, or third person in order to agree with the verb form?
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    Grammar checking

    Teacher please check the gammar of the following sentences: Through the temptation of Satan man failed to obey God's commandment and have fallen short of the glory of God. Repentance is a genuine turning from sin toward God, setting apart from old lifestyle for God's use. Faith is the...
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    if and when

    Teacher when to use "if" and when to use "when"?
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    Teacher, when to use 's? e.g. Jesus' death vs. Jesus's death Nas' Store vs. Nas's store Could I use them both? thanks