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    [Grammar] Please help to correct my message. Thanks

    I am refuse a new job and write a message to the employer. Please help to correct the message to be more polite and feel comfortable. I am apologize that i will not come to work at your company as I have another job offer. Thank you for your kindness, hope we have opportunity in the future.
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    is this sentence correct?

    The document just been sent to bank last week and no payment arrive yet
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    at or by?

    the goods will be delivered on next Monday at / by the earliest
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    Please help to correct, thanks

    The factory can catch one week early boat with ETD xx, ETA xx. Due to some material shortage the goods will be short shipped 300 pcs, as the material cannot replace on time. We shall replace them from your next shipment. Please confirm your acceptance.
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    is this sentence correct?

    We will reschedule the inspection to 03 Sept which you have sufficient time move the goods back to xxx warehouse
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    Please help, thanks

    Learned you are seeking the factory for production, please resolve the problem as soon as possible. There is no more time can be waited as the latest shipment date is first September and we had required the schedule at first Aug which is wait for you over three week.
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    update or updated?

    Please see the following update / updated figure in red.
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    Is this sentence correct?

    Except the name of beneficiary, any other point need to changed? We shall process the document if there is not required.
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    This sentence is correct ?

    We will send you a photo after the factory is rework to showing the UPC number on the shipping mark
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    which one is correct?

    the meeting is keep / kept on tomorrow?
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    which on is correct?

    We would like to change / changing the schedule from our originally planned
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    Is this sentence correct?

    Please confirm if you will waive the inspection charge for the factory. Otherwise, we will deduct the charges from they payment.
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    Is this sentence correct?

    Please keep the shipmetn as our original plan
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    are they correct?

    We shall remit the payment accordingly / We shall arrange the remittance accordingly
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    which one is correct ?

    Please send us bank slip after remittance / after remit the payment.