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    Shall we stay at home or go out?

    Hello teachers Shall we stay at home or go out? Just as you like As you wish As you like Which answer is OK and which not? if none is what are the suitable answer(s)? Thanks for your answers in advance.
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    a question

    the other climbers were all for giving up the attempt, but it was............impossible to convince him of the need to do so. a) too b) quite first I chose "too" for the answer although I couldn't eliminate "quite" for why it isn't correct here. Well, then it turned out that "quite " is...
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    problem with the use of cause structure – legalizing drugs

    Some claim that legalizing drugs could cause a) drug trade to collapse as they thrive better in the underground market b) dealers lose substantial amounts of profit c) more people to have got addicted to harmful substances I know " cause sb/sth to do sth" structure but I never saw b...
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    compararative the more

    The question is this: Of the two sports centre in the town , the one next to my house is definitely .............. luxurious. a) the more b) most c) more d) much more e) the most The correct answer is a, but I don't understand the logic behind it and why not c and d are...