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    It has a chick

    Hi, Is 'It has a chick inside it' correct? I am talking about the egg.
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    The width of the cage

    Hi, Is 'The width of the cage is according to the size of the door so that I can get through the cage easily' correct?
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    More or less

    Hi, Is "He is more or less two years old" correct?
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    Because of increased enrollment

    Hi, Because of increased enrollment in higher education, many adults leave home early, arund the age of eighteen. Is 'because of increased enrollment in higher esucation' a phrase? A clause has a subject but it doesn't have. So I think it's a phrase.
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    Determine the difficulty

    Hi, I detest you. Determine the difficulty of 'detest'. 1: easy 2: average 3: difficult Read the above and point out mistakes, please.
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    In the next video

    Hi, Is the following correct? "In the next video, I'll show you birds put in this cage."
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    After 10 days of

    Hi, Is "after 10 days of continuous mating, she laid her first egg" correct?
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    Don't give millet

    Hi Is 'Don't give millet to your birds in summer because it's very hot' correct?
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    The roof of the chicken

    Hi, Is "The roof of the chicken coop is made by using angle irons, wooden crates and clay" correct?
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    Made videos

    Hi, Is 'I made random bird and animal videos while on a long walk' correct?
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    Make/build coop

    Hi, Which verb is used? You should make/build a coop for your new hens.
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    Peck at

    Hi, Can I use any other word after 'peck at' such as rice, egg etc. or is it specific for seeds ans grains?
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    Peck at

    Hi, Is 'Birds are pecking at rice' correct?
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    My knowledge of aseel

    Hi, Is 'My knowledge of aseel breed of chicken/hen/rooster/cock is extensive' correct and which word like chicken/hen/rooster/cock should I use?
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    Apply different

    Hi, Are the folowing sentences correct? Apply different spicy items to the chicken. Place a discared newspaper page on salt. Place chicken on the newspaper. Cover the pot. Put some weight on the cover. Cook it for one and ten minutes.
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    This rooster lost eyesight

    Hi, Is 'This rooster lost his eyesight in one of his eyes when he was young because he accidently fought with another older rooster when the owner was not t home' correct?
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    Rooster fighting

    Hi, Is 'I'm against rooster fighting' correct?
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    She laid five

    Hi, Is 'She laid five eggs and hatched two in her first clutch' correct?
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    A compilation of home-bred

    Hi, Is 'A Compilation of Home-bred Budgie Chicks Pictures' correct? I'll use it as a title.
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    In summer birds need

    Hi, Are the following sentences correct? "In summer birds need a cold bath to protect them from heatstroke. Mostly birds die because of heat. Keep your birds cool in summer. Sprinkle water over them using your hand or get a water pump for this job. You can mix three or four drops of Dettol to...