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    Full Stops with Quotes BrE Style

    Per British punctuation style, are these correct? How would you punctuate those that aren't? I say that the full stops go outside the ending quote marks in the following sentences because these are not direct quotes: 1. The sentence is “Be good to yourself and may God bless'. 2. I like the...
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    Bracketed letters in a single word

    What do the brackets indicate when they are placed around letters in a word? I see this in extremely old newspaper articles. I can't find any explanation in style guides that would explain or condone such usage of brackets. Example: I was hunting in the mountains about twenty mi[l]es south of...
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    In BrE, would the comma go inside or outside the ending quotes in the following sentence – and why? Is the comma properly placed outside the ending quotes (in British style) as I've done? When Raymott said, "Please don't split your infinitives or dangle your participles", Frogboxer said that he...
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    Titles used as possessives in quote marks

    I found an answer to this in The Handbook of Good English by Edward Johnson. Titles used as possessives The apostrophe and s can follow the closing quotation mark, as is logical. 1. He knew all of “A Hard Day’s Night” 's lyrics. 2. He knew all of “A Hard Day’s Night” ’s lyrics. My question...
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    Comma Placement

    Is a comma needed after 'honestly'? John didn't want to go, and quite honestly I didn't either.
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    Full Stop

    Does the full stop go outside the end of the quote mark in this? The word 'verisimilitude' means 'likelihood, probability'. Thanks.
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    Comma Needed?

    Do I need a comma after 'Tonight'? I know I can omit the word 'Tonight' but was curious about the punctuation. Tonight 3 March 2013 at 7:50 pm, I received a call to investigate a $500 cash shortage ... Thanks.
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    Job Titles After Names in Parentheses

    Job Titles After Names in Parentheses To maintain consistency throughout a formal report, do we maintain capitalization of job titles (or any titles) after a person's name within parentheses? If you see anything that needs to be changed in punctuation, please make the edit. See example...
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    British Abbreviations for 'Million', 'Billion', 'Trillion' in Written Text

    British Abbreviations for Million, Billion, Trillion Are these correct? The government paid $100m for improvements. It was a $100m a year industry. It was a $100m per year industry. a $100m to $150m per year industry A $5bn investment was made early last year. The government is in...
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    'Logical' Finale

    British punctuation final questions. Thank you in advance. I believe I got 'em all correct (I hope!). "Did she say 'I'm not going'?" (Okay?) Did she say "I'm not going"? (Okay?) Did she ask "Am I going?" "Did she ask 'Am I going?'" I'd rewrite it as "I'm happy that he did not...
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    Bracketed Capital Letter Within Quotes

    What does it mean when I see a bracketed capital letter like this within a quote? "[H]e was the one who admitted to the crime." Is this an error - and if not, could you kindly provide a quick example? Thanks
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    Ellipses within Quotation Marks

    Hi all - Per British style, I say that the comma goes outside the quote mark (as exampled below). (1) The original sentence continued ("In spite of my expostulations, he continued on his downward trajectory that ultimately cost him his life.") Should I use the ellipses within the quote to...
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    Formal Business Letters & Open Punctuation

    In formal business letters, I'm noticing a trend in reduced punctuation, ie no comma after the salutation/greeting and complimentary closing. Is this correct? Dear Mr Jones (Text of letter) Thank you (or 'Thanks' - no punctuation to follow) Sincerely Brad Johnson ------- Also in...
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    Comma necessary after 'thus', 'however' and 'hence'?

    Comma necessary after 'thus', 'however' and 'hence' in these? He was convicted for the offense; thus he spent 90 days in the county jail. I don't like her; however she is quite pretty. I am not going to comment at this time; hence don't ask me another damn question! thanks
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    Comma or semicolon?

    Comma or semicolon after the word 'details' below? She saw to the last two details; ie flowers were waiting and the driver kept mum. Thanks
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    Further clarification if you can, please

    Sorry for asking again, but the concept I'm failing to grasp is how to punctuate the ending - per British style - of the following sentence. It appears as though there are multiple ways to do it 'the British way'. In America, there are hard-and-fast rules regarding quotation marks. Let me know...
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    Ending Punctuation

    I say that #1 or #3 below has the correct ending punctuation - do you agree? (1) ‘Economic systems’, according to Professor White, ‘are an inevitable byproduct of civilization, and are, as John Doe said, “with us whether we want them or not”.’ (2) ‘Economic systems’, according to Professor...
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    Full Dates, City-States/Countries as Adjectives

    The December 12, 2012 issue of 'Newsweek' had a great article on financial preservation. (Instead of: The December 12, 2012, issue of 'Newsweek' had a great article on financial preservation. Can the comma after '2012' be omitted?) The London, England rock band will debut next week. (Instead...
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    Commas or Parentheses Necessary?

    Are the commas or parentheses necessary in these? • He worked from Thursday, the 1st, to Friday, the 9th. • He worked from Thursday (the 1st) to Friday (the 9th). I prefer: •He worked from Thursday the 1st to Friday the 9th. Do you agree with my preference? Thanks
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    'ie' and 'eg'

    Are the examples below (using 'ie' and 'eg') punctuated correctly per British style in all their variations - ie with commas, parentheses and dashes? 'ie' • I'm going to the place where I work best, ie the coffee shop. • I'm going to the place where I work best (ie the coffee shop). • I'm going...