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    [Grammar] usage of "neither...nor"

    Dear all, I have questions about below sentences. I know the last one sounds more accurate, but couldn't understand the problem for the first two. 1. At the conference, it was neither my manager nor I who had the courage to admit our mistakes. 2. At the conference, it was neither my...
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    whoever or whomever

    Here is the question: _________ left this behind will certainly come looking for it soon. (A) Whoever (B) Whomever (C) Whosever (D) Who The answer is (B). However, I am really curious about this answer. Can anyone explain to me why it takes an object(whomever) instead of a...
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    The difference between "commit suicide" and "suicide"

    Though "suicide" has a verb function, I've never seen it be used by itself. All I found is using "commit suicide". Then is that possible for me to say the sentence like: When the pressures are too much for teenagers to stand, some of them would suicide. If not, why? Thank you.