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    Could you give some arguments on writing an essay?

    I need your help, pals! Could you give me any arguments FOR and AGAINST school trips? Some consider them to interesting and educational Others think that they are the waste of time, children should learn in the classroom What is more? Please, help me!
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    For and against exploring space and visiting other planets?

    Do you have any really interesting ideas for this topic in points "for" AND "against"? Thanks in advance!
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    What can you say FOR and AGAINST theatre?

    When cinema was invented, some people predicted that theatre would not last very long, but it still exists, attarcts large audience and is not likely to disappear. What could be said FOR and AGAINST theatre? Do you have any good ideas?
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    I have no ideas... again...

    Oh, this is awful! I have a topic - to cook meals at home or to eat in restaurants? "What can you say for and against cooking meals at home?" I know, what are the "against" points, but I don't know, why to eat at home, except fast food is harmful and destructive. I would be very grateful for any...
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    I have no ideas! It is awful - and I need your help... please?

    Hello! I often face the problem of creating the ideas for particular topic. After about half an hour of thinking I decided to apply for you. I need to write an essay: "In Europe teenagers after they are 18 are supposed to live on their own. What can you say for and against living with parents?"...
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    How To Write A Report? - Need Help!

    Could anybody explain me how to write a REPORT on smth... as a project for example? What are the main points that should be mentioned in there and so on... I would be very grateful for any help!
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    Grammar Test Variant

    1) I don't feel like going out because I WAS WALKING about the garden for over an hour before you CAME. or I don't feel like going out because I WALKED about the garden for over an hour before you HAD COME. (???) 2) I wonder why all his suggestions TURNED DOWN. They seemed quite sensible. or I...