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    [General] Pull the tear routine

    Grateful if anyone could tell me the meaning of the title. Thank you so much.
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    [General] Something about fitness training

    Dear teachers, I have read this sentence "Training in this range is time-efficient and allows you to get a lot of work done without each workout taking forever," from this link: But I really don't get the meaning out of it. Much...
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    Meaning of religious contemplation

    Dear teachers, Could you please tell me the meaning of religious contemplation? Thanks a lot.
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    Why so funny of this joke?

    Ole and Sven are out hunting in Minnesota and they shoot a deer. They begin dragging the deer back to the truck by the tail, but they keep slipping and losing both their grip and their balance. A farmer comes along and asks them, “What are you boys doing?” They reply, “We’re dragging the deer...
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    Breeds cynicism and sucks precious resources from the kids

    Dear Sir, Please help to explain the underlined words in the following sentence: For one thing, calling every mean comment or hallway clash bullying breeds cynicism and sucks precious resources from the kids who need our help. Thank you.
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    In the rough realm of local politics

    Dear teachers, What is the meaning of above title? Thank you.
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    [General] pitting boys against girls

    Dear American Teachers, Would you tell me what the meaning of "pitting boys against girls" in the following sentence is? "It was the latest form of combat pitting boys against girls." - taken from a book about bullying. Thank you so much!
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    Plural or Singular noun after "the first and second"?

    Dear teachers, I would like to know whether a plural or singular noun is used after "first and second". For example, In the first and second years of my university education, I have studied Psychology and Computer. Compare: In the first (year)and second year of my university education, I have...
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    Verbs that trigger the subjunctive

    Dear teachers, I would like to know if there are any ways/tricks, instead of rote-learning, to remember those verbs and nouns that trigger the subjuncitve. Verbs that trigger the subjuncitve: ask, demand, desire, insist, prefer, propose, recommend, request, reuire, suggest, urge. Nouns that...
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    The tense used in "During..."

    Dear teachers, I would like to ask wheter the use of the past perfect, instead of the past tense, is correct if the action had been taken place for several times in the past. "During the reporting period, ABC had assisted (or assisted) in (the) preparation of the promotion activities of EFG."...
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    Meaning of "Shape of things"

    Dear teachers, What is the meaning of "A small government will be the shape of things to come?" Thank you.
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    [Grammar] Sentence construction

    Dear Teachers, I would like to be advised if the following sentences are grammatically and structurally correct. If not, please let me know the correct one(s): ABC has delegated the power of increasing the expenditure amount of a project, but subject to a ceiling of $18 million, to DEF; or...
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    [General] I got three feet

    Dear teachers, I would like to know what the meaning of "before I got three feet" is in the following sentence: "I stopped to go into a store but was drenched before I got three feet." Thank you.
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    How to say it?

    Dear teachers, I would like to know a noun which describes "the same word might have different meanings depending on how people interpret it." Could I say "Contextual nuance or subtly"? Thank you.
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    Animal Farm

    "All that year the animals worked like slaves. But they were happy in their work; they grudged no effort or sacrifice, well aware that everything that they did was for the benefit of themselves and those of their kind who would come after them, and not for a pack of idle, thieving human beings."...
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    Interrogative words in indirect speech

    Which one is correct: (1) No one knew for certain what was the matter with her. (2) No one knew for certain what the matter was with her. Thank you.
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    Use of articles

    Dear teachers, I would like to know why the indefinite article is used in (1) but the definite article in (2) below: (1)She is an angel of a woman(=an angelic woman) (Could I say, "She is the angel of a woman," instead?) (2)He has the devil of a temper(=a devilish temper) (Could I say, "He has...
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    With or without "will" in a when-clause

    Dear teachers, I am confused if "will be", instead of "is", should be used in the following sentence: Regarding...., would the department head inform this meeting (I wondered if "of" is required here) when the Study review will be/is completed? Thank you.
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    Preschool Co-op aka. the Glorified Play Group

    Hi, the title is greek to me. Could anybody decode it for me? Thanks a lot.
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    Abstract ideas needed to be decoded

    Dear teachers, Being a non-native English speaker, I have difficulties in understanding the expressions marked in red in the following extracts: The Fowler brothers, writing in 1906, refer to the indulgence in qualifying adverbs (perhaps, possibly, probably, rather, a little, somewhat and so...