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    Happy 4th of July

    I'd like to ask our American friends here whether you wish one another a "Happy 4th of July". How common is this sentence/wish in the USA? I'm only asking because I have a good friend in the States, and I don't know whether to send her an email wishing her "Happy 4th of July", or not. :-? Thank...
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    Is it RP or "just" a beautiful English accent? (Olivia Williams)

    Dear experts, Would you be so kind as to watch this short video, and let me know if it is Received Pronunciation or "just" a beautiful British accent? (I mean Olivia Williams's accent, of course, not the American guy's. :lol: ) By the way, it's worth watching for other reasons as well. :-D...
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    Past Perfect vs. Simple Past (and some other things...)

    Hello! :-) Yesterday I wrote a post without registration, but nobody has replied to it, so I thought I'd register, so that I could ask my questions again, and I hope that you, dear Native Speakers, will help me. :-) I apologize in advance if I ask too much. :oops: Though the title of my thread...