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    This is a part of a school life record and I wonder if the following makes sense. prospect student - entering Uni parents - entering Uni Above is supposed to be a form of table, but I omitted all the lines forming the table, so please understand it. Anyhow, what i mean is that...
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    what does this mean?

    - Retiring superintendent says parents need to be engaged in schools This is an extract from the headline in the news articles, and I am not sure about what ''be engaged in'' exactly means in this sentence. - Since graduation of the school i was engaged in In this sentence, '' was...
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    what do you call it?

    Got a question about a term meaning an institution, not school, preparing people for finding out jobs. Can it be called Vocational Traning Centre? or do you have any other term meaning it? thank you in advance
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    family branch

    Do the following two expressions have the same meaning to describe the situation in which a son who has lived with his parents is about to move out due to his marriage ? - establish a family branch - start a new family thanks
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    meaning of set up

    it is a tough job to grasp a clear understanding of what ''set up'' means in the following sentences. Would you please beat off the confusion hitting me? - Your projects have taken some time to get set up. - set yourself up for a victory
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    right use of ''engaged'' in this context

    Hi, Not sure if the following is correct in use of ''engaged'' when I tried to mean ''the school I attended''. - While preparing for a new school to further my study even after graduation from the school i engaged. would any of you let me know if the underlined part is correct in...
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    usage of which

    Hey guys, The following is an extract from a certain contract and I am not sure what ''of which'' indicates and means. - The parties, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, agree as follows - This is a real confusion for me so...
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    starting a new family

    I got a question if '' starting a new family'' is inclusive of the following meaning. If I have lived with my parents so far in the same place, but I am about to move out as I am getting married. In this context, does it makes sense to say '' I am going to start a new family'' to mean '' I...
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    exceptable and addable

    Hey, guys, I got a question about ''exceptable'' and ''addable'' if they are usable since they are not found in the dictionary. please. shed a light on the confusion holding me back from using them. Thank you.
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    Definition of ''Combined Shop''

    Hey guys, Got a question for the definition of ''combined shop'' and if the term is usable in the sentence that means as below. - I have a plan for opening a shop in a big city, which will hold separate spaces both for kids and pet dogs since I like peg dogs and kids as well. So I like to...
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    Usage of " Where"

    I got a question about how to use ''where'' in a sentence, which looks to me really confusing, so please confirm me if this is correct or not. - I want to open a pet shop in Paris, where witnessed a growing number of pet dogs and pet lovers. As to the sentence above, I am not sure if it is...
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    deposit-based leasee

    Hello, I have a question as follows and it is really confusing whether or not it is correct, so please get it corrected if wrong, or confirm me it is correct. I come up with an expression of '' A deposit-based leasee'' who I wanted to mean is a person who leases something on a long-time...
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    [Grammar] can i get any help with usage of expressions

    Hey, would you please help me with this problem? 1. I just wonder if ''worth'' can be used to describe '' a person'' like below. - I think you are worth a trip by air after finishing off the heavy project. I know normally '' deserve'' is used in casese as above, but what I want to know...