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    invite me to dinner at Mike Tony's

    Hello everyone, In everyday standard English, can we say " She invited me to Mike Tony's steakhouse to have dinner."? Compared with “she invited me to dinner at Mike Tony's steakhouse", which sentence is more common and more proper? Thanks and regards Sky:-)
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    [Idiom] be cast to four winds like a fistful of confetti?

    Hello Everyone, I am reading Brooklyn Folly by Paul Auster. In it, there is a sentence I can't fully understand. He had been turned into pauper, penniless convict without a single resource or plan. Once he served his time in Joliet, he would be cast to the four winds like a fistful of...
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    Rotate the pan halfway through the baking time?

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know the meaning of "Rotate the pan halfway through the baking time." taken from Longman. Is my understanding as follows proper? If the required baking time is 10 minutes, according to the sentence, the pan only have to be baked for 5 minutes. In addtion, I...
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    [Vocabulary] turn to look at Kim and turn around to look at Kim?

    Hello Everyone, :-) Can you tell us the differences between the following two sentences? He turned to look at Kim. He turned around to look at Kim. (The second sentence is originally from Longman. The first one is adapted from the original one, which from my experience is right.) Thanks...
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    He turned down the corner of the sheet to peep at the baby?

    Hello Everyone, :-) In Longman there is a sentence under "turn": He turned down the corner of the sheet to peep at the baby. I can't understand the "turn down the corner of the sheet" or imagine how the action of "turn down the corner of the sheet" are done. Can you explain it to me here...
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    would like to and want to?

    Hello Eeveryone, I would like to know here in spoken English if "would like to" and "want to" are synonymous , if they can be exchanged with each other in any context ad if there are any big differences between them in spoken English. Thanks and Regards Sky
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    factor in her success and element of her success?

    Hello Everyone, :-) In Longman dictionary, there is a sentence under the word element--Honesty is a vital element of her success. I would like to know here if we can say "Honesty is a vital factor in her success." to express the similar meaning of the elemment sentence. If yes, could you tell...
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    a crucial factor?

    Helllo Eeveryone, In LONGMAN, there is a sentence "Weather could be a crucail factor in tomorrow's game. Which of the following sentences correctly define the longman sentence ? 1. Whether the game can be hold depends on the weather. If fine, game will be hold. If not, game cancelled. 2. Game...
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    shielded from the truth?

    Hello Everyone, There is a sentence in the longman dictionary about shield I can't fully understand. Can you please explain it here or give me some examples about it? "They thought the public should be shielded from the truth." Can I understand the background of the sentence this way? It is...
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    send daughter to get it?

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know under this circumstance in everyday English which verb is most commonly used, tell, ask , send or another one? You hammer has been lent your mother and hasn't been returned. And now you want to use it, but both you and your mother are engaged. So you call...
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    get the laundry back?

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know here under such circumstances, which verb should be used in standard spoken English? The laundry was hung out to dry in the open air by you in the morning. At the moment, it is going to rain, or it blows heavily, or it is getting dark... and you are talking...
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    pull a monica?

    Hello Everyone, I got "pull a monica" from the Tv Series friends, which mean do something terribly bad. I would like to know here if the phrase is commonly used in daily Enlgihs?:-) Regards Sky
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    someone and some one?

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know here the difference between someone and some one? Regards Sky:-)
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    The name of the container for the garbage?

    Hello Everyone,:-) From the dictionary, the container for the waste outside is respectively called dustbin and garbage can. I would like to know here the container for the waster inside the house? Also called garbage can or dustbin? Regards Sky:-)
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    What is the name of the container ?

    Hello Everyone,:-) In the cememt and the chemical factory, there are large cylinder shape containers, which are used to store raw materials etc. I would like to know here the English name of the container? Regards Sky:-)
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    icing on the cake?

    Hello Everyone, Can you please give me daily dialogue with icing on the cake? Regards Sky:-)
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    formal or informal

    Hello Everyone,:-) I would like to know here if attributive clauses are usaully used in formal styles? For example, in the following sentences, if its are more inforaml than whose( when replaced) The raw materials are grinded by the open MLS3636 vertical mill. Its drying sources...
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    The subject of "observe" ?

    Hello Everyone, What is the subject of "observe" in the following sentence and what does " observe" mean here? NEW YORK – Rites of remembrance and loss marked the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, familiar in their sorrow but observed for the first time Saturday in a nation torn...
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    The proper English Name for the company!

    Hello Everyone, My friend runs an international employment agency with the Chinese name of 人人国际. From the pronouciations of the two Characters 人人( means everyone, persons...), the English name of the company is Renren International, or reren international or runrun international or rere...
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    The name of the agency?

    Hello Everyone,:-) There is a service company , whose job is to recruit foreign workers into their own countries. And such company usually apply for visas for the workers and then introduce the workers to the local factory, the company etc who need them. I would like to know here what is the...