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  1. euncu

    [Vocabulary] taking on

    I can't figure out the meaning of "taking on her party" in the following excerpt; In 2015, Warren sunk the nomination of Antonio Weiss, the Wall Street banker selected by the Obama administration to serve as the third-ranking official at the Treasury Department, taking on her party on the...
  2. euncu

    [Grammar] a revenue?

    Hello, Lately I wrote on a forum "... is very important source of a revenue". It sounded correct to me but still I can't be sure about it. Is it, using the indefinite article there, correct? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  3. euncu

    [Grammar] preposition for update

    What is the right one? The problems will be fixed at/on/in the next update? The hits on google is respectively(in millions) 2,18/ 3 /3,8 .
  4. euncu

    [General] ripe subsets of our population

    Hello, In an article which its link is given below, the author writes : ."..our adversaries’ attempts to subvert our democratic processes by aiming falsehoods at ripe subsets of our population ". I don't get what she meant by " ripe subsets of our population"...
  5. euncu

    [Vocabulary] The pronunciation of the word "outer"

    Hello, I had been very surprised to see the pronunciation of the word "outer" as " 'oudər" on ( Nevermind the "ou", they don't use IPA notation, my question is about the "d" ) . The way I use it is as "ˈaʊtər". Then I looked it up in other online dictionaries and saw that...
  6. euncu

    [Vocabulary] Self-deprecating

    Hello; When I look it up online in the Freedictionary (the first link below), the definitions were mostly bearing negative connotations such as " Tending to undervalue oneself and one's abilities." , "having a tendency to disparage oneself" or "belittling or undervaluing oneself...
  7. euncu

    [Idiom] key off

    Hello, This phrase is from an interview with Brian Cranston (¡COLORES! Episode 1927: Brian Cranston & the end of "Breaking Bad" - YouTube @08:22). I looked it up but I couldn't find its meaning. Thanks for your answers in advance.
  8. euncu

    [Vocabulary] equipment pool?

    Hello, I'm looking for the right English term for a Turkish term "Makina Parkı". The term denotes the sum of the vehicles, particularly the heavy-duty machinery, owned by a plant or a factory or a municipality. I looked it up in some Turkish-English dictionaries and the answer they give is...
  9. euncu

    [Vocabulary] burned out/jaded

    Hello, Do these words (burned out and jaded) mean the same when it comes to someone who has become very extremely exhausted because of the stress and overworking at his/her work? Thanks for the answers in advance.
  10. euncu

    [Vocabulary] pronunciation:wrong

    Hello, In every dictionary, the pronunciation of the word wrong is rɒŋ. But whenever I hear it, it always sounds like the w in the beginning is also sounded. Do I hear it incorrectly all the time? I'd like a confirmation as to whether I'm wrong or not from the native-speakers of our forums...
  11. euncu

    [Idiom] far the better of...

    Hello; The following line is from the BBC News; Countries supporting intervention had "far the better of the argument" in discussions, Mr Cameron added. I failed to get what "far the better of" means thus the whole sentence. I googled it and got four million hits but couldn't find its...
  12. euncu

    [Idiom] sound out/feel out

    Hello, Do these two idioms (sound out/feel out ) mean the same? And if they do, could we say that "sound out" is more common in BrE and "feel out" in AmE ? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  13. euncu

    [Vocabulary] folly

    Hello, The following paragraph is from the BBC News(BBC News - HS2: Businesses 'not convinced' of economic benefits); The IoD's director general, Simon Walker, described the project as "one grand folly". I had to look it up because my recollection was that the word was something about...
  14. euncu

    [General] Incorrect use of a word

    Hello, Here is a paragraph from a a page o today's BBC news; .... It is uncertain what action the US might take - curiously the state department has said that previously the red lines have been crossed and the US has taken action, but that they can't say what. .... I couldn't understand the...
  15. euncu

    [Vocabulary] insolvent/bankrupt

    Hello, Is there any difference in meaning between the words "bankrupt" and "insolvent" ? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  16. euncu

    [Vocabulary] then

    Hello , In one of the episodes of Dr.Who , a man opens the door and see The Doctor and Rose before him and ask " Who are you then?" The man has seen them for the first time in his life so there wasn't any previous dialogue, so this is the whole context. This is the first time I've come...
  17. euncu

    [Vocabulary] Picking the correct preposition for the verb "to look up"

    Hello , I know that we look something up in a dictionary and also know that we look something up on the internet. So which one is the right one to pick if I look something up in/on an online dictionary? Thanks for your help in advance.
  18. euncu

    [Vocabulary] recast

    Hello ; The line is from the documentary "End of America"; 9. Recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason What I understand from the line above the word recast is used as a synonym for "redine redefine" but when I looked up in the online dictionaries , in none of them it was a...
  19. euncu

    [Vocabulary] Deliberation

    Is it okay to say " a careful deliberation" or does the word deliberation already imply a careful process, so saying "careful" before "deliberation" is redundant ?
  20. euncu

    [Vocabulary] existing&current

    Are these two words are interchangeable? Example: Will existing/current procedures be affected? Thanks for answering in advance.