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    please correct these following sentense In the US everybody speak, spoke english United State is a spoking, speaking english country United State is a country that speak ,spoke english have you ever been to a country where it just speak,spoke english
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    pin down

    can anyone tell me the meaning of pin down
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    can anyone tell me what it means ! on being mocked
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    cast out

    can anyone explain what it means CAST OUT
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    cast off

    can anyone explain what "cast off" means and i need some exemple how to use it thanks
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    bored and boring

    can you explain to me what is the different between this two sentenses your brother's boring your brother's bored thanks
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    dull and bore

    is this two sentenses are correct his talk was long and dull his talk was long and boring
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    Take back

    can anyone tell me what it mean take back in this sentense I take back what i said a minute ago thanks
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    shall and should

    are these 2 sentenses means the same if not explain why what shall we give her as a gift what should we give her as a gift
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    rule about

    ;-)can anyone explain what does rule about means in this sentence The Park has rules about about the bears looking forward for your answer
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    rule abaut

    can anyone explain what is rule about means with some example thanks
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    get over it

    can anyone explain what "get over it" means thanks
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    what does this sentense means i almost wish i had'nt bother please explain to me thanks
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    what does this sentense mean i've pretty nearlly completed it is it same as i've almost completed it thanks
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    ever have or had

    please correct these sentense If you come with us am sure you will have fun more than you have/had ever had in your life before if you come with us am sure you will have more fun than you ever have / had had in your life before if you come with us am sure you will have more fun have had...
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    gone or left

    can i use left and gone in these sentense the train has/have laready gone the train has/have already left peter has already gone peter has already left
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    whats the better world to use in this sentense Its too early to predict the outcome(or)result of this meeting
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    untie and unleash

    please correct these sentense can you untie the dog can you unleash the dog
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    unleash and release

    please check if these sentence are correct bon jovi will release its new albun next month bon jovi will unleash its new albun next month
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    could you explain the meaning of 'allege' in these following sentense the two man allege that the police forced them to make false confessions Mr smith is alleged to have at the centre of an international drug ring i was alleged that mark had struck Mr george on the head