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  1. Bushwhacker

    Bust down

    I've found "bust down" at the following paragraph: "I’m going to tell you right now they’re probably just going to bust the house down anyways. They’re really buying this house for the property itself. It's a Realtor who speaks to three house owners hesitating if to fix some problems in the...
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    [General] Everyone else made a much bigger deal out of the fact that

    Given the following sentence "He was a happy kid and everyone else made a much bigger deal out of the fact that he is half white and half black" What does it mean? Context is about a story where the sister of a marriage's wife dies leaving a biracial kid. His father is out of the picture...
  3. Bushwhacker

    go back under

    Given the following sentence: "My memory goes back just under three years" What does it mean? a) That my memory only remembers three years back in time but progressively losing details? b) That my memory only remembers the last three years? The sentence is said by a man who doesn't remember...
  4. Bushwhacker

    To mostly hit the target

    In the context of a marketing campaign, is it well expressed what is in black in the following sentence: "The range of activity should be limited in order to mostly hit the target"? Meaning to make the message reach the potential customers as most as possible. Thank You
  5. Bushwhacker

    Flight tickets raffle

    Is it good English to say "Flight tickets raffle", meaning an airline that raffles tickets for its flights? How can it be said in proper English? Thank You
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    The originally planned economic benefits

    Please, can it be expressed "The originally planned economic benefits"? Or rather I should write "The economic benefits originally planned"? Maybe are both possible? Thank You for your help.
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    More of a kick

    An actress talks about her film director: "His tone is so full of life and so spontaneous that it makes it even more of a kick to play the character." What does this sentence mean? Particularly this "it makes it even more of a kick to play the character" Might it be saying something like the...
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    Brand is key

    Does "brand is key" sound good English (meaning brand is essential) in the following paragraph? A company, a collective, or a group have to throughout appear with a unique image and spirit. In that respect, brand is key. Any other suggestion quite well received. Thank You
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    Can you correct my writing and grammar problems in this text, please?

    PRISONERS Canadian Denis Villeneuve makes his debut at USA with Prisoners, after his good Canadian cinema and the recognised French and Canadian coproduction, Incendies. The helmer comes back to the family with realism to play with the most distressing uncertainty as an altering driving force...
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    On Internet

    Does it work where "on Internet" is placed in the following sentence: "The company may temporarily and/or permanently stop on Internet website access or permanence." Or maybe: The company may temporarily and/or permanently stop website access or permanence through Internet." Any other way...
  11. Bushwhacker

    Corporation optimal inner communication and thinking is pivotal

    Does it work my attempt to compact the following sentence? "Company, organization, and /or corporation optimal inner communication and thinking is pivotal." Too blurred? Thanks
  12. Bushwhacker

    Social channel (s) management

    Can it be considered correct "social channels management"? I have been told a noun working as a genitive before another noun (this latter the subject properly) must go always in singular for it works as an adjective. But occasionally I really have some discomfort. Other samples: Newsletters...
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    Can we use the word "broadcasting" meaning news or information diffusion through social networks? Thanks a lot
  14. Bushwhacker

    Cadillac Jacks

    Sometimes, I see in the American movies diner signs with "Cadillac Jacks" written. Is it a chain of road restaurants? A brand? Thank You
  15. Bushwhacker

    Take after

    In a movie, brother and sister have sex. She becomes pregnant, and is about to marry someone else called John. The brother doesn't want it blamed on him. After saying to his sister she keeps the mouth shut, he says to her: I ain't letting John take after Pa 'cause of this. What i don't...
  16. Bushwhacker

    Head Peeler

    Someone is trying to sell some homemade moonshine (a sort of whiskey or liquor) to a shopkeeper who is dubious about the offer. And the seller, to convince the shopkeeper, says: "It's real strong. It’s head peeler." Can you say to me what does "head peeler" mean? Thank You
  17. Bushwhacker

    Heaven hat

    What does "Heaven hat" mean? I read it as an expression of love said by someone to a woman: "Oh, my priceless little Heaven hat..." Thanks
  18. Bushwhacker

    Spread out into it

    In some curious advices to talk to deads from a movie, I read: You are aware of your Self in a way you never have been before. Spread out into it. What's the meaning of Spread out into it? Does it mean "Get deeper into your Self"? Thanks
  19. Bushwhacker

    In a film but on a tv program?

    Please, Is it correct the use of the preposition as indicated in the title: In a film but on a tv program? For instance, Juliette Lewis appears in Cape Fear, but "Yesterday, Juliette Lewis was interviewed on the Matinée TV Magazine. Or, Juliette Lewis was seen yesterday on the midnight series...
  20. Bushwhacker

    The use of article the

    Which sentence is the correct one in the following cases as for the use of the?: After a BA degree in History at Barcelona University or "at the Barcelona University" She was nominated at Goya Awards or "at the Goya Awards" The film was introduced at 58th Berlin International Film Festival...