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    I think it means a group of friends get together doing nothing much, like this, "So what are yo gonna do there?" "Well, not much, I'll just hang." Is this slang always been around? or is it new or is it regional (western America)? Is that the right word, or did I catch it wrong? Thanks in...
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    Is it considered a compound word? If so, which two? "pains+taking" or "pain+staking"? Thanks in advance.
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    Two or three?

    By chance, I read this quote by E.M. Foster today and I got curious. It says: "Two cheers for Democracy: once because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism." One plus two, isn't that altogether 3 cheers?
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    "I saw it but I didnt ______ it"

    So here's the scenario, New Year's Eve, a group of friends are playing a board game. Someone accidently flips a card with some word written on it and promptly flips it back. He asks "Did you see it?" I saw it, but didn't quite make out what's written on it (or did I intend to). So I answered...
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    [Grammar] He dresses...

    If we want to express someone dresses (right verb?) in a way that reflects his/her age, do we say: He dresses his age? Or he dresses like his age? thanks
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    [Essay] Communication policy

    A friend of mine was asked to write up a internal company policy for his boss (truely, this is not a my-friend-has-a-rash-and-he-wants-to-know-if... type of thing), and needs some experts' opinions on the wording, style, clarity, etc. What he's definitely looking for is for it to be more concise...
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    the or a

    I heard this expression quite often on the news, but never managed to make out whether it's "the" or "a". Is it: "beyond the shadow of the doubt", "beyond the shadow of a doubt", "beyond a shadow of the doubt", "beyond a shadow of a doubt", or "beyond shadow of a/the doubt"...
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    repress and suppress

    I have looked these 2 words up and I am still not confident whether I'd use them correctly. Another set of twins I have a hard time telling one from the other. I've heard this: "She's repressed." What does it mean? Is it possible to say "She's suppressed"? What would it mean? Can one replace...
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    questions about a couple of sentences

    I used to read an article for its message, story, information or whatever it's intended for, life was simple. But since I joined this forum it was as if I had an third eye that encompasses me to read for the other aspect of an article--things that are grammatical...or not--it's an eye that nags...
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    a letter of complaint

    I recieved a letter from the city saying that I violated a part of Developmental Code of the City, I don't believe I violated it and want to dispute it via letter. I'd like to express truefully my opinion and even how I feel and do not want to use "Dear" to start the letter since I really don't...
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    a simple question

    It's converting one language to another solely by its sounds (or phonology?!), not its meanings which is done by "translation". What do you call that conversion? Am I clear? :-? Thanks in advance NT
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    "footloose and fancy-pants"

    I read this the other day on AOL in an article featuring a study that days one's facial features or the way they look can be indication of what they want as far as romance goes--I don't know, it sounds like junk science to me. Anyway, what kind of personality traite does this phrase indicate...
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    the movie "once"

    I'm not sure who and in what sub-forum to ask it, but I'm just curious. I recently had a chance to watch a nice little indie movie called "once", it's catagorized as musical, but this is not the usual kind. If you have seen the movie then you'll know what I'm talking about. I have a hard...
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    the word "jealous"

    Unless I was mistaken, I've seen conflicting use of this word as to who the object of the jealousy was aimed at. If I'm allowed to set up the scene here, maybe if help me understand it better. Let's say there 2 girls who compete for the affection of this one guy. But this guy prefers girl A...
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    library books

    They are coming due tomorrow, but I'm not even half way done. How do I ask the library so I can keep the books longer? Many thanks in advance NT p.s.: Should the question word be "how" or "what"? I can never decide.
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    different shapes of the moon

    I know 2 of them: a full moon and a half moon. But what do you call the other shapes that are niether of these 2? Many thanks in advance NT
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    sections of days of a month

    Concering age, we say: "He's in his twenties", or "She's in her teens/late teens/early teens" and so forth. Does it apply to days of a month too? When planning, can we say: "Let's look at the thoes days in the twenties."?! meaning looking at the last 10 days of the month. Likewise, can we...
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    Do you have a name for

    people during movies, constantly ask questions or stating the obvious about the plot or story that's unfolding right before thier eyes? Many thanks in advance NT
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    what constitutes the "s" in .......say pants?

    Is it the 2 legs? Then why is it just "shirt" in singular form, if you apply the same rule, I swear there are 2 arms to a shirt. I need some insight. Not that my life is in desparet need of clarity, but plurals like this buggs me to no end. Why don't we say, "I need my pant!..." cause...
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    a collateral branch of the family

    this is a sentence given as an example under this entry "collateral" in the Cambridge Dictionary Online that's part of this site. "a collateral branch of the family" Could anyone give an example(s) of "a collateral branch"? Thanks alot NT