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    [General] overlook

    Chronic use of the military metaphor leads people repeatedly to overlook a different kind of organization that is more collaborative. In this sentences what is the meaning of overlook? (hold in disrespect or ignore or rule out) Is it possible to explain this sentences with a bit more basic...
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    [General] take on

    This is the sentences: Although this book has taken on revered status, much of it remains helpful and relevant. Which word you would choose to replace 'taken on' in this sentences. And how would you explain excatly the same thing in this sentences but with other words.
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    [Essay] overlaying

    I am trying to reed a book. There is a sentences. I know all the words in the senteces.. but still I didn't understand. nothing at all the sentences is this: There are probably inspirational people in your company, if you can enthuse them sufficiently. (that one ok.. understand) If you...
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    by default

    Is it possible someone explain this sentences to me. The first part... okey I understand... But what it means in the following part I am responsible for putting thet trust there in the first place. I did not earn it as much as demand it by default.
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    [Idiom] grilla

    I am reading a book and there is one word that I didn't understand.. coudn't find the meaning ... A little girl is talking to his father... ''I think I want a dinosaur. I want a seal, too, to keep in the bathtub. I tell him this, and he laughs. '' I know what you want grilla, '' he...
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    proceedings or minutes

    what is the word for it? when there is a meeting.. like in the court ... someone sits in the front and take all the notes.. what ever people says there... all the talks and evaluations... so what is the right word for it... preceedings or minutes or report.... The proceeding...
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    has / have to be taken

    please help me If one is have to do something Can I say... The approval has to be taken.... is this correct?
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    should and must

    could you please help me with the sentences below; During the construction or operation, the neccesary permision must be taken due to change in design,plans, programmes and insturcions/proceeding. The approval should be taken during the construction or operation due to change in design...
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    fire, fever, hot, heath

    Which word I must use to explain the case; Someone is fuming and telling things that so hard, harsh... hot that burns one's soul... Shortly how can I explain such a situation: Her talking was at fever heat.... or Her talking was like a fire-ball thank you or The fire was...
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    [Essay] hippocratic

    Can you please help me to correct this sentences They were pushed to have a hippocratic life. This hippocratic life was carved on their faces like a pattern. The concepts such as morality, religion, grace and honour lost their meaning for them. Is there another word or idiom to use instead...
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    heard of him saying

    Could you please help me.... which one is correct... him saying/ of him saying / him to say ??? I never heard him saying anything bad to her. I never heard of him saying anything bad to her. I never heard him to say anything bad to her
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    just like....

    please help me which one is correct she had an arguement with her husband, just like we had just like we did just like us
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    repent of/for/to

    could you please tell me which is correct she repented of coming to the party she repented for coming to the party she repented to come to the party
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    not... nor

    Once again, I need help... please I'm trying to translate a sentence that is, to me, very complicated ... I tried to use use neither/not/nor.... but I couldn't... Here is the sentence... This unbelievable type of marriage, ''The Sige Marriage'' isn't considered as a sin in the eyes...
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    aware of how I was sick

    I have also trouble with this sentence. I wasn't aware of how sick I was on tha night that I came to this house 3-days ago. or I wasn’t aware that how sick I was ..... which one is better/correct to use... of or that
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    mocking laughter

    Could you please check the following sentence. Is this sentence correct? Neither my refusal nor mocking laughter of my gaze could make you give/ gave up. What I try to say is... I refused (whatever the person asked for) and at the same time.. I looked at him as I was laughing but...
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    question of survival

    please help me... which one is correct to use in the following sentence. It became a question of survival /survive/surviving with my decency from this point onwards.
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    .... one's forehead

    Can you please tell me with which word I will fill the blank. at, to, on, around... There were children with flags in their hand and bands with some writings on them, .....their foreheads. and another question; you put band ..... forehead or you wear band .... forehead
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    consuming one from the inside

    Could you please help me to correct the following lines; Her panic which I couldn’t understand why and your attitude not to speak with me were all became worms that were consuming me from the inside. If we are talking about the worms which one is correct to use consuming... gnawing or...
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    search/ research, clue/hint

    Can you please help me? (1)what is the diferences between search and research. Which one I should use in the following sentences... (2) what is the differences between clue and hint... Which one is better to use in the following sentences. Can you also give me another examples when I...