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    Most (of)

    Hi there! I know that the sentence below does not need the preposition "of". What I do not know is how to explain why it does not belong there. Most of plants have flowers. I believe this mistake is made because most of the times, most is followed by this preposition, right? Which argument...
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    Position in the company

    Hi there! I'm not sure about the prepositions "in" and "on" in the following sentence. He has always worked in the commercial department, on the sales team. Cheers, Tito
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    [Grammar] unsuccessfuly

    Hello there! Which are the possible endings for the following sentence? I have been trying to contact Mateusz through Skype with no success / unsuccessfully / without success... Cheers, Tito
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    [Grammar] the other / another / the others

    Hello there! I'm trying to prove a point of how numbers in the same sentence can alter the answers when it comes to other vs another. Are the underlined answers correct? My mom speaks two languages. One is English and ......... one is French. (a) others (b) the other (c) another (d) the...
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    In (the) next day

    Hi there! I know that the article "the" cannot be omitted in the sentence below, but I don't know why. I have to take a test in the next day. Cheers, Tito
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    [Vocabulary] scale = ?

    Hi there! Is scale a synonym to plan/organize in the following sentence? According to our recent survey, salespeople: - Prefer 1:1 training, which is difficult to scale. Cheers, Tito
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    [Grammar] To separate or not to separate... that's the question!

    Hi there! Should I separate the phrasal verb below? Read the text below out loud. Read out loud the text below. Cheers, Tito
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    [Vocabulary] When it's done I'll...

    Hi there! I had just renewed my passport. The officer told it would be ready in 6 commercial days. I want to create a reminder in my cellphone so not to forget to... pick it up, claim it, retrieve it... so many optinons that I wonder which one is appropriate. Any suggetions? Cheers, Tito
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    [Vocabulary] How to explain "would"?

    Hi there! I know that the correct answer is "May we come", because may expresses permission, authorization. I'm not sure about "Would I come" here. I believe it's wrong, but I lack a good explanation to justify it. I appreciate any help on this :-). What is the correct way to complete the...
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    [General] Follow up

    Hi there! In business, what are the best situations to use the expression "follow up"? Cheers, Tito
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    [General] About birth

    Hi there! I wonder what are the practical differences in the following: the wife gives birth vs the wife is in labor Cheers, Tito
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    [Vocabulary] # of floors in a house

    Hi there! Whenever describing the size of a house, is it correct to say this? My house has two floors. Cheers, Tito
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    [Grammar] Describing a house

    Hi there! I have 2 questions about the correctness of the following paragraph. The kitchen is small, but it’s OK for us. In the kitchen, there is a window. Its curtains are yellow. There is a cooker (UK) / a stove (US) and a washing machine. Opposite there is a fridge and a sink. Is the use...
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    [Vocabulary] consumer-grade

    Hi there! In the sentence below, what does "consumer-grade hardware" mean? The rise of cloud-based signage systems (such as ScreenCloud) is changing the market, meaning that with a TV, some consumer-grade hardware such as one of the media players below and an app, you could get an impressive...
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    Whom, by the way...

    Hi there! I'm in doubt concerning the last sentence construction. Not sure if the order of the words make sense. Once he said he dislikes all things psychological. He says that he leaves that stuff to his daughter. Whom, by the way, is spoken of frequently. Cheers, Tito
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    Doubt /voiceless/

    Hello there! Is it correct to point out that 'b' should not be spoken like that? If not, could you please cast some light into it? Doubt /voiceless/ Cheers, Tito
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    [Vocabulary] burrow deeper under the quilt

    Hi there! I need help to understand what 'burrow deeper under the quilt' means, from the following paragraph. This paragraph was taken from the book 'I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban'. That morning had begun like any other, though a little later...
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    [Grammar] Very much noise

    Hi there! Why is 'very much noise' incorrect? It seems that 'too much noise' is the correct equivalent, but I don't know a grammar justification to disapprove 'very much noise'. Cheers, Tito
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    [Grammar] I had two conferenceS calls

    Hi there! I know that 'conferences' is wrong. My post here is to check whether my explanation about the mistake is correct. I had two conferences calls. Although 'conference' is a noun, in the sentence above it works as an adjective. Therefore, it cannot be used in the plural form...
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    [General] Full of

    Hi there! I'm not sure if the following is correct. Maybe 'filled with'? My day was full of activities... Cheers, Tito