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    GDP growth - IELTS Writing Taks 1

    Hi there. I am preparing for the IELTS exam. Could you please have a look at this essay and check it out giving it a mark? Thank you a lot. *----------------------------------------------------------------------------------* "The graph below shows the average growth in...
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    Memory Course Advertisement

    Hi there! I am practicing for the IELTs exam (next month!). Could you please check this letter and give it a mark? Thank you very much. You see and advertisement for a course designed to help improve your memory. Write a letter to the organizers of the course in which you...
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    to put one's foot in it

    Hi there, could you tell me if this sentence sounds right? There are situations in which you'd better keep your mouth shut instead of putting your foot in it! Thank you, Donato
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    Pronunciation exercise - /e/ and /æ/

    Hi there, this time I'm trying to improve my pronunciation of the /æ/ vowel sound. This is a sound that we Italians don't have, so I am really having a hard time getting it right. Based on my pronunciation of the following list of words, what do you think I can do to improve...
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    Pronunciation exercise - /ɪ/ - /i:/ - /e/

    Hi there, I'm still practicing with pronunciation. Now I'm focusing on getting the vowel sounds /ɪ/ and /i:/ right. I find it difficult to make the /ɪ/ sound as I understand that it is not only shorter than /i:/ but it is also different in quality. This is as far as I've got till now...
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    Pronunciation exercise - "Th"

    Hi there! This is my first post in here, my name's Donato. After studying English at school for some years, I realized the pronunciation I was taught is very approximate so I decieded to study it seriously. My aim is to get as close as possible to the standard British RP. However, I need some...