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    on the mat & pledged delegates

    Hi, #1 on the mat =? #2 pledged delegates=? What does pledged delegates refer to? Thank you!:-)
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    Re: Hillary Clinton

    Re: Hillary Clinton Hi, Q1 What is " shortening" here? Q2. What's the connotation of the sentence I highlight in blue? Thanks!
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    Acknowledgement of the sources I use

    Hi, If I use some info. from the Internet, I'd like to acknowledge the sources. How should I say properly? I acknowledge hereby the info. below is from ABC. com Is the sentence above in blue okay? Any better expressions?
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    Mr. Brown vs. Mr. Bean

    Hi. What is the link between Mr. Brown and Mr. Bean? I learned Mr Bean is a British Comedian.:roll:
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    Re: Gordon Brown (3)

    Re: Gordon Brown (3) 1. Does " Magna Carta " has the connotation of liberty here? 2. I knew Ulysses S. Grant was American president. Why did the author mention him here? 3. saw off the Armada =? 4. you're breaking up= ? 5. Balls =?
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    Re: Gordon Brown (2)

    Re: Gordon Brown (2) Hi, Q1 What is the meaning of " Ten-Four"? Q2 Who is Alan Salmon? What is the link between PM Brown and Alan Salmon?
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    Re: Gordon Brown

    Re: Gordon Brown Q1 Who is Chad Hanging? Q2. Is Brown a Norman descendant? Why did the author label Mr. Brown Norman purposedly? Q3 Trafalgar Circus = Trafalgar Square? Any connotation? Q4 House of Fayed=? Thank you!:roll:
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    Re: Limey

    Re: Limey Hi, Could you please tell me what the meaning of following sentence in bold is? allegedly more preoccupied with the savings of limes over lemons limes is cheaper than lemons? So brits liked limes? Will a Brit feel offended if a foreigner calls him/her Limey because I learned it...
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    Re: Gordon Brown's US visit

    Re: Gordon Brown's US visit Hi, I am reading an article written by a British columnist for Daily Mail. I'm all greek to what his wrote but I hope to learn. Could you please help? Thanks. Here is the URL link for the more context. So who's this President Norman Brown guy? | the Daily Mail...
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    Names for Britain & United States

    Hi, Question 1 A) U.K. B) UK C) the UK D) the U.K. I wonder which one above is correct? I choose A & D. Am I right? And Is there any nickname for Britain like the opposite number--Uncle Sam? Question 2 a) U. S. A. b) U.S. c) US d) the U.S. e) the US f) (in)the states g) (in) the States...
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    Hi, I assume " modesty" is the euphemism for " sex organ" here from the context and picture. But I fail to find such a relevant entry in both " Cambridge Advance Dictionary and online Compact Oxford English Dictionary. Am I wrong? Thanks in advance.
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    out of touch=?

    Hi, what is the meaning of " out of touch" in above context? Thanks! :-)
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    Why is " Gordon Brown" rather than "James Brown"?

    Hi, I had thought Westerners always called themselves first name and the last name, eg. George W. Bush is short for " George Walker Bush". But why is Premier Brown known as "Gordon Brown" rather than " James Brown" or "James G. Brown" by media?:roll: Thanks in advance!:-)
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    Hello, what is " ultra-Blairites"? Thanks! :roll: :-)
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    an innocent abroad

    Hi, #1 "innocent" is a noun here? #2 abroad = very much? #3 innocent abroad = very simple person? Thanks in advance! :-)
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    TV presenter

    Hi, TV presenter = TV host / hostess? Is " presenter " used in the U.K. typically? Thanks in advance. :-)
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    Re: News about Heather Mills

    Re: News about Heather Mills Heather Mills' wonky cleavage scores low marks as she's booed at Miss USA pageant | the Daily Mail #1 Miss Congeniality ? A) Is it a title for a beauty contest? B) Is the person who wins Miss Congeniality is the most beautiful woman in the contest? C) Is the...
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    Legal English Phrase

    Hi Anyone, I wonder whether No.1 and No. 2 are same in legal term? Or which one is more common? Thanks. :roll:
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    20 Silk Cut =? Capstan Full Strength =?

    Dear Teacher, 1. 20 Silk Cut =? 2. Capstan Full Strength =? Thanks in advance!:-)
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    fule kno =? bay-bees?

    Hello Teacher, What are the meanings for " fule kno" and " bay-bee"? Thanks! :roll: