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    glib tongue

    What does 'glib tongue'? Could please give some examples?
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    'lack of' or 'lacking'

    Is correct to use 'lacking' in the sentence below or it would be better to use 'lack of'? The area was still challenged by poor parking facilities, a rough reputation and lacking pedestrian traffic.
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    Could you please help me to understand what the word 'alloneword' means in the following context? New Valley bar alloneword has opened next to Brunswick Street's The Step Inn. The fashion crowd, artistic misfits and Brisbane's very well dressed or connected are the select few allowed...
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    go up

    What does the 'go up' mean in the following context? "If there's a spike in anyone of these, which there quite often is and all at the same time, then we find the number of people using our services tends to go up as well," he said
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    Easter greetings

    Could you please recommend me several Easter greetings in English? For example, would it be right to say 'Happy Easter' or it sounds awkward? Thank you in advance!
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    easy or easily

    Should it be 'easy' or easily at the end of the sentence below: It makes finding the required information very easy / easily. Please explain your choice Thank you in advance :-D
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    as follow/ as follows

    What is the difference between 'as follow' and 'as follows'? Could you please give me some examples? Thank you in advance!
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    come over/down

    What is the difference between 'come over' and 'come down'?
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    'a first time buyer' vs 'the first born child'

    Could someone explain to me why 'a' is used in the phrase 'a first time buyer' but 'the' in the 'the first born child'? Thank you in advance :-)
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    try to do/doing

    Which one is correct or they both are correct? If so could you please tell the difference in meaning? 1) You should try to call him 2) you should try calling him
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    "was carried on in"

    Is it correct sentence, can I use "was carried on in" here? All the course of education was carried on in the Russian language.
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    is it correct?

    Can I say: "knowledge which had been obtained at university" ?
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    Up till now

    For example, if I started to work in the company on November 10, 2005 and work there now. Can I say I have been working in this company from November 10, 2005 up till now. or I have been working in this company from November 10, 2005 up until now. Or maybe you could recommend another...
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    rebound boy

    What is 'rebound boy'? What does it mean?
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    "me neither", "me either" and "me too"

    Could you please summarize the main rules for usage of "me neither", "me either" and "me too" ? Thank you in advance!
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    General idea of the sentence

    Could you please explain to me the general idea of the sentence below, the message that it brings? Or just rephrase it. We are all in favour of free swimming, but one reason it is needed is that so many other good intentions have remained just that.
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    'the' ocean

    Forest, mountains, sea, ocean, animals, birds and even different kinds of creepy-crawlies are much more interesting for me. Should we put 'the' before the 'ocean' in the sentence above?
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    get off my lawn

    What does this phrase mean? get off my lawn
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    Could you please explain to me in few words when which/that can be omitted in the sentences? Thank you in advance!
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    that may well be true

    What role does the word "well" play in this phrase? What does it add to the meaning? "that may well be true"