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    an official, unofficial

    Hello How do you pronounce the words below as different words? What is the knack required when I pronounce, please? an official unofficial Thank you
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    [Grammar] A woman thought to be ...

    Hello! A woman thought to be the oldest in Tokyo, who would be 113, was last seen in the 1980s. (from a recent issue of IHT) Is the “who would be 113” the second conditional? As an example of the whole conditional sentence, I assume it to be “if she were alive, she would be 113. ” The...
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    [Vocabulary] Fruit(s) and vegetables

    Hello! A. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you to stay healthy. B. An abundance of fruits and vegetables grow in Kenya's temperate climate. In A, fresh fruit is in the plural. So is fruits in B. In what way does one choose which one, fruit or fruits, please? Thanks...
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    [Vocabulary] Japanese show respect ...

    Hello! A. During the festival of Obon, Japanese show respect to their dead ancestors. B. The Japanese regard Mount Fuji as a sacred mountain. In what way are Japanese in A and the Japanese in B different? A. Japanese means all those alive, all those already dead, and all those to be...
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    [Vocabulary] The nasty rumour ...

    Hello! The nasty rumour couldn’t help not hiding. The above is a literal translation of a Japanese sentence often said of politicians. Please correct the sentence, preserving its double negativity. Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] Some our prisons

    Hello! The management of some our prisons has sometimes been corrupt, and it is our job to clean it up. (Longman) Does ‘some our prisons’ mean some of our prisons? Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] Bach's son, ...

    Hello! In London he met Bach's son, Christian, who was music-master to Queen Charlotte. Does the sentence imply that Bach had only one son? :?: Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] If we told Father the truth, ...

    Hello! If we told Father the truth, he never punished us. (from a grammar book) What does the sentence mean? If the sentence were “If we told Father the truth, he would never punish us”, it would be a familiar one. Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] We lived there for ten years.

    Hello! A. We lived there for ten years. (B. but we don’t live there now) (A, B inserted by the starter) The above sentence is from a grammar book. Does it mean as below? If B, then A. Not if A, then B. Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] Get started (transitive or intransitive)

    Hello! A. I've done talking ― let's get started. B. It's time we got started on the washing up. In A, whether ‘started’ is transitive or not is dependent on further context. In B, ‘started’ is intransitive. Am I right in assuming as above? Thanks in advance
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    [General] A true gentleman is ...

    Hello! A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude. (Oscar Wilde)  What is a true gentleman like in Oscar Wilde’s view? One who is not only never rude intentionally, of course, but never rude, even unintentionally. (IMHO) 8-) Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] I wouldn’t say no to ...

    Hello! I wouldn’t say no to a glass of beer. What are possible sentences in response to which the above sentence would be said? Or on what occasions would it be said? A. How about a glass of beer? B. What do you drink? Both A and B are wrong, I think. Thanks in advance :cheers:
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    [General] Less frequent than 'would, or used to'

    Hello! A. Plane accidents would happen. B. Plane accidents used to happen. I introduce the two sentences as an example to express things which have happened from the past up to the present. But they sound as if accidents had happened to a considerable degree. In order to express the...
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    [General] I went to the zoo when I saw lions.

    Hello! A. I saw lions when I went to the zoo. B. I went to the zoo when I saw lions. I think the sentence A is easy to understand. But very rarely I come across sentences like B. Are they peculiar to the English language? I felt some incongruity with them. Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] All the more reason

    Hello! A son: Nothing is left of the money I earned as a part-timer in the last summer. I cannot afford to repair my XXX. His father: All the more reason, I always told you to save some money. Is the use of ‘All the more reason’ right in this case? Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] A constitutional right to ...

    Hello! We have a constitutional right to defend ourselves, our family, and our property. (Longman) Does the sentence imply that there’re more than two constitutional rights to defend ourselves, etc.? Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] With

    Hello! The European Central Bank's obsession with inflation is coming under fire, with some economists arguing that deflation is a larger threat to the euro-zone economy. (from IHT) I would like to ask the meaning of with. Does it mean ‘because of’? :?: Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] The present perfect

    Hello! A caution (on a library book) This book must be returned on or before the date last marked below unless permission to renew has been obtained. In the sentence above, is the use of the present perfect mandatory? Instead, is it acceptable to say unless permission to renew is obtained...
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    [Vocabulary] A sudden appearance of clouds

    Hello! Living on the river keeps me connected to the changes in weather. A minor drop in temperature, a sudden appearance of clouds, an increase of wind is always obvious and can't be ignored. (An excerpt from Living on the River, Photographer/Writer: Alida Thorpe, underlined...
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    [Vocabulary] In the rain

    Hello! Don't go out in the rain. Is the above sentence a general statement or does it refer to a particular instance of it raining? Thanks in advance