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    adverb usage

    Check this sentence: Hopefully he will finish it. Is this sentence grammatically incorrect because the adverb "hopefully" cannot modify the entire sentence and should modify only a single verb or an adjective? Please help. Thanks!
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    a passage

    Please explain the relation between the 2 sentences here in this passage: Children who attend private high schools may initially feel that they can succeed without doing the work required, but as they grow older they realize the necessity of serious study. Each year the overwhelming majority of...
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    use of modifiers

    1] Originally developed for detecting air pollutants, a technique called proton-induced X-ray emission, which can quickly analyze the chemical elements in almost any substance without destroying it, is finding uses in medicine, archaeology, and criminology. 2] A technique originally developed...
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    sen'tense' and parallelism

    Which is correct between these 2? 1] By 1914, ten of the western states had granted women the right to vote, but in the East only one state did. 2] By 1914, ten of the western states had granted women the right to vote, but only one in the East had. Thanks!:-)
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    future perfect?

    Corporations will be required to report to the government. Here, what tense is 'will be required' ?
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    Simple Past Or Past Perfect

    1. When I had run hard in 1969, I won the race. 2.When I ran hard in 1969, I won the race. Is 1 correct or 2?
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    correct idiom?

    I agreed with her proposal to strengthen it. I agreed to her proposal to strengthen it.
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    When do you use 'equal' and when do you use 'equivalent'? Is there a difference?
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    correct idiom

    1] It is imperative that I study hard to pass in the exam. 2] It is imperative to study hard for me to pass in the exam. Which is correct between 1 and 2 and why?
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    1. I have been torturing him for 3 years. 2. I have been tortured by him for 3 years. In 1, the sentence tense is present perfect continuous. However, what is the tense in 2? Is it correct grammar, in the first place?
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    singular or plural

    (A) none of my friends have been able to solve the case. (B) none of my friends has been able to solve the case. Which is correct and why?
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    preposition usage

    which is correct from 1 and 2? 1. The baby is blind. It cannot see. 2. The baby is blind. He/She cannot see. Can you use 'it' for baby? Thanks!
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    correct sentence

    which is correct? 1 or 2? 1] Although it was once funded entirely by the government, the Victoria and Albert Museum was among the first of Britain's national museums to seek support from corporations and private donors and to increase income by increasing attendance. 2] Although it was once...
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    sentence grammar

    Which is the correct form of sentence among the two below: 1] I will never be able to run again. 2] I never will be able to run again. Thnx!
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    sentence: while and with

    Which is the correct sentence among the two? original sentence: Because of wireless service costs plummeting in the last year, and as mobile phones are increasingly common, many people now using their mobile phones to make calls across a wide region at night and on weekends, when numerous...
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    sentence formation

    correct sentence usage: consider this sentence: "....The Oranges say they have filed a case with the International Criminal Court accusing the government of crimes against humanity for shooting dead dozens of protesters" and also this: "....The Oranges say they have filed a case with the...
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    idiom usage

    Hey guys, Which one is the right Idiom ? Native to or native of ? Thanks!
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    correct sentence usage: please help

    "Among the emotions on display in the negotiating room were anger for repeatedly raising the issue". In this sentence is ' were' appropriate or 'was'.?:-(