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    accents graphics

    the English language has words with accents graphics? if the answer is yes cite some, if not speak why
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    dating with you, dating you

    What is the correct verb regency dating?
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    [Grammar] Was and Were

    When we use "was" and "were"?
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    [Grammar] Have and Has

    "have" and "has" when we use them? there any exceptions?
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    [Grammar] Some and any

    when to use "some" and when to use "any"? this can cause confusion
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    [Grammar] Who's and Whose

    when to use "who's" and "Whose" which has a similar pronunciation?
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    [Grammar] demonstrative pronouns

    would like an explanation of the demonstrative pronouns "this, that, these, those", when using each
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    [Grammar] Advective and pronoun

    When should I use the adjective "my" and when I use the pronoun "mine"
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    [General] Homonyms

    I wonder if the homonyms can confuse people who already speak English fluently
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    [Grammar] Superlatives

    would like a better explanation on the superlative, when should I use "most" and when not I use.
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    [General] North american and british english

    Would like to know the main difference between British English and American English north. And also if there is change in grammar. thanks for listening