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    May I borrow the CD player you use when you are cooking

    It just seems somehow appropriate.
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    [Idiom] What does it mean? "Jesus is a truck..."

    not a teacher The graffiti is shown in this still from the movie.
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    [Vocabulary] show someone up vs curl up

    not a teacher Can I use "curl up" when my cat is sleeping? Certainly. Here is a cat curled up.
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    Mortimer's, the tobacconist

    not a teacher The OP did not provide Sherlock Holmes's complete quote: source (page 17) I came across that version of the text as well and noticed that it had a semi-colon after "tobacconist", which seemed to settle the matter – Mortimer's was a tobacconist's shop. But I soon realized that...
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    [Vocabulary] little Dale, dressed like Apollo

    Here's one that didn't make that list.
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    off you go

    ...and queens.
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    what does the sentence mean?

    I feel puzzled about "felt tips" and "rubbish tips". What do they mean? What does"felt" here mean? A "felt tip" is a felt tip (or felt-tipped) pen or marker, where the ink flows through a point made of felt, a kind of fibrous material. A "rubbish tip" is a large open area of ground where...
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    What does "lead" mean here? Pioneer?

    Heather Fraser from IBM.