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    [Vocabulary] BY or ON with means of transport

    Hi, Colud you help me if use the right preps in these sentences? I often travel BY bus / BY metro, etc. - I know it's correct. But: I often travel BY or ON bus number 22. I often travel BY or ON metro line 4. Thanks.
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    [Grammar] WHEN or WHILE with the past continuos

    Dear All! Do you think whether I use WHEN or WHILE in the following sentence makes any difference to its meaning or I can use either of them? Thank you very much!!! :-) I took a few photos of the kids WHEN / WHILE they were playing in the forest. We met WHEN / WHILE I was studying in London.
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    [Vocabulary] definitely favourite

    Dear All, I would like to as a question about this: Is it correct to say: 'I haven't got a DEFINITELY FAVOURITE pop song.' Thanks very much for your help. heyt
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    [Vocabulary] saying prices in Britain

    Hello, I would like to ask for some help with prices. Could you please tell me if I can say 1p as 'one pee', or 'pee' is used above 2p only. I am also confused whether I have to say 'pounds' in 2.50 for example? Thank you very much. heyt
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    [Vocabulary] The Rocky Road to Dublin

    Dear All, I have just come across the wonderful song 'The Rocky Road to Dublin' as I've been searching for traditional Irish songs. I have checked the lyrics many times but I still can't figure out what 'hunt the hare and turn her down' means in this song. I know that a hare is a kind of...
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    [Vocabulary] cultivate our relationships

    Hello, I've got a problem with the following phrase: Can we say that we 'cultivate our relationships' or we should say we 'take care of our relationships'? For example, in: 'I think one of the most imprtant aspects of life is cultivating our relationships.' Thank you, :shock: heyt
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    [Idiom] frozen to the marrow

    Hello, Could you tell me if the idiom 'to be frozen to the marrow' is really used in English?Or, if not, is there an idiom with a similar meaning? Thank you,:lol: heyt
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    [Idiom] see the future in pink

    Hello, I don't know if the phrase 'to see something in pink' is a real English idiom or not.We have this phrase in our language, Hungarian, but I don't know its English equivalent.Could someone help me with this? Is it correct to say: 'Jim is really optimistic, he always sees the future in...
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    [Vocabulary] role model

    hello, I'm hesitant about which preposition to use with role model. Do native speakers say 'He has always been a role model to or for his children' Thank you if you can help me. :lol: heyt
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    [Grammar] go to play football

    Hello! We ususally say 'go skiing, go bowling, etc. but should I say 'Let's go to play football' or 'Let's go playing football'? Could someone help me with this?Thanks a lot! :shock: heyt
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    [Grammar] usually

    hello, I'm a bit hesitant about the position of usually in this sentence: I usually don't watch horror films. or I don't ususally watch horror films. Is there any difference between the two of them?Which is grammatically correct? Thank you.:-) heyt
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    [Vocabulary] go for a job interview

    Hello, I'm unsure whether I should use on or for in the following phrase: I am going for a job interview tomorrow. Could someone help me, please? Thank you, heyt :-)
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    [Vocabulary] road

    hello Could someone help me with this: We live in Jacobs Road. or We live on Jacobs Road. Which is the correct preposition? Thank you very much, :shock: heyt
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    [Grammar] omitting 'the'

    Hello, I'm wondering whether I should say 'I love going to the theatre and the cinema.' or 'I love going to the theatre and cinema.' without repeating 'the' before 'cinema'.Could soneone heép me? Thnak you very much,:shock: heyt
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    [Grammar] present perfect fo all time activities

    Dear All, I'm a bit confused about which tense to use in the following sentence: I've always lived in the countryside so I travel a lot. However, I always use public transport, I haven't got a car. Or: I've always lived in the countryside so I have travelled a lot. However, I always use...
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    [Vocabulary] nature studies at pimary school

    Hello, I would like to ask for your help about the following: In our country there is a lower-primary school subject in which pupils are taught some basic information about the environment in general, i. e. plants, animals, the human body, the geography of their country and the world.This...
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    [Vocabulary] engage sb / get engaged

    Hello, I would like to ask a question in connection with the word 'engage' (here meaning 'to agree to marry sb'). Could you tell me if this sentence is correct? Peter engaged Julie yesterday. (I'm aware that I could say Julie got engaged to Peter yesterday., but I would like to emphasize...
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    [Vocabulary] at a high price

    Hello, Could someone tell me what phrase could be used instead of "high" in the following sentence if I wanted to make it sound more formal in a formal context: We bought the new flat at a high price. Thank you very much. heyt
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    [Vocabulary] extra money given to a doctor

    Hello, I would like to ask for help about the following: In my country there is a special name for the amount of money that some patients like to pay (voluntarily) doctors after a visit or a successful medical intervention.This money is usually given directly to doctor in person. I wonder if...
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    [Grammar] 'recently' with the present continuous

    Hello, I would like to ask for help about the following: Is it grammatically correct to use the present continuous tense with the adverb 'recently', or it is better to use the present perfect continuous tense with it? For example, which sentence is more correct: 'I am listening to classical...